Puss in boots

Maud is one of my creepy pasta OCs this was before the bad stuff happened and of course how it happened listen closely..


1. Alli

I turned her over I was sure she was dead. Tears streamed down my face as I kissed her and stood up to face the tall dark figure in boots. 

Wiping the blood from my face I ran towards him, my claws out and my teeth bared.My whole body froze as he paralysed me with his magic, I struggled and felt my body start to twist as he used his magic to hurt me. I screamed out in pain. "Now if you do what I say it will all be fine and you can live a nice life I promise" he spoke with a voice that seemed to stay in the air for a moment. I let out another scream and he dropped me to the floor. 

My chest was cut and so was my ear, as I lay there I looked up at the sky, there was no one else left who I loved. Alli was the only one left but he had killed her and our parents .. There was nothingI could do but give in besides he can't hurt me if there's no one left I love.

" I-I give in .." I said shakily 

"haha what a good choice you have made .." He spoke as he moved towards me his magic was flaring at his fingertips ready to take over my body but before he could so anything Alli leapt towards him knocking him over. She stood up and walked over to me when she stopped and a purple bubble surrounded her. It all went silent, there was nothing I could do now so I lay there as the darkness filled my eyes and it all went black.

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