Haven't got a title yet.

This is my first attempt at writing a story like this.


1. 1957

The rain meant that no-one was outside, so no one saw the tall man in the dark suit. The tall man scaled the wall surrounding the abandoned house. Rain screeched around the the house, the window shutters clattered in a strange rhythm. The man stood for a moment looking at the large front door of the building. If anyone had been looking out of their windows at this moment they would have seen the man pull out a small tool from his pocket and approach the sturdy lock on the door. He began to move the tool inside the keyhole of the lock, twisting and turning this way and that; attempting to gain entry into the ancient building. The tall man in the dark suit continued to pick the lock for another minute or so, then with a soft click barely audible in the storm it came open in his hand. The heavy oak door swung open and the man in the dark suit stepped inside; he took a lighter from his pocket and clicked a flame on to light his way. He seemed to know exactly where to go to find what he sought. He took several measured steps across the ancient hall way, leaving footprints in the thick dust that coated everything. He mounted the grand, sweeping staircase near the back of the hall way. He began to climb counting under his breath as he did so. When he counted a specific number he jumped a step, avoiding a long dormant booby-trap. He reached the top of the stairs and made his way across the landing towards one of the bedrooms. The rain continued to patter down on the roof of the building. The man stopped outside a door and pushed on it gingerly. It did not yield to his pressure, as he steadily pushed harder. The man crouched down and looked at the lock, it looked pretty standard and wouldn't present a challenge to a person of his skill set. He pulled the tool once more from his jacket pocket and began to work on the lock. Hearing a satisfactory click he stood and pushed at the door. It yielded this time, suddenly the man jumped out of the way as an axe swung down into the spot he had been occupying but a few moments before. This was going to be interesting. The dark-suited man moved into the doorway, stepping over the axe and clicking his lighter on again. Using the small flame he could see a suit of armour standing to attention beside the bed. This was what he had been looking for. He strode purposely towards the suit of armour. Once he stood in front of it he began to search for some kind of clue as to what to do next, there were multiple scratches on the floor where something had been dragged across it many times, this proved to him that he was in the right place but not how to proceed. The man pulled a cigarette out of his jacket pocket and lit it. Inhaling deeply he continued to survey the suit of armour. Was it his imagination or had it been slightly further back against the wall when he had entered the room? He shrugged and took another drag on his cigarette. There was a creaking sound. The man looked around sharply, the suit of armour was definitely moving, he was sure he had seen it move out of the corner of his eye. He turned and sprinted for the door. The armour began to creak and squeak itself to life and pursue the person who had disturbed his 1500 year rest. The man ran towards the stairs, the awoken suit of armour clattering behind him. it pulled the axe out of the door way and swung the weapon several times. It felt good to be awake after so long asleep. The dark suited man pulled a revolver out of another jacket pocket and loosed several rounds at the suit of armour, none of them had any effect and they seemed to skitter off a transparent layer surrounding the armour. The metal beast caught up with the dark suited man and reached out to touch him as soon as his gauntlet clad hand touched the man's shoulder the man froze unable to move. The armour began to disassemble and reassemble around the man's suited body, the helmet descended upon the man's head and the visor clanged shut. The man felt his consciousness begin to merge with that of the armour, he tried to resist but the power of the suit was too much and he became the new "owner" of the necromancers armour. Thus begins this story.
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