She's Not What She Seems

Hey, my names Alex and I just met this girl. Normally I wouldn't freak out like this, but hey she was just....breathtakingly beautiful. Now I know what you're saying, "She can't be that beautiful." but that's where you, my dear, are wrong. But I can't shake the feeling that something's off about her I guess I'll just find out now won't I.


2. Trouble

11:30 AM: 

"What happened to him?"  "I don't know.  He just suddenly passed out."  The voices sounded so familiar.  I reached out to grab one of the voices.  "Hey, are you alright? Can you open your eyes? Or is it too much for you?"  says one of the voices as they put their hand in mine, but all I can get out is a quiet groan.  I slowly open my eyes to be blinded by the light.  I quickly shield my eyes from the light when I hear shuffling and a switch being flipped.  I slowly remove my arm from my eyes and adjust to the darkness when I see a face just a few inches from mine.  "Uh is there a reason you're so close?" I ask and the face moves a few inches away from my face.  "Are you feeling alright, Alex? If not then I can take you home and you can rest there instead of in the nurses office."  the person says and I still don't know who it is and why they're holding my hand.  I squeeze the hand and they quickly remove their hand as if they just touched something hot, but when I squeezed the hand I felt that familiar fire that I've felt all day course through my body.  "Artemis? Is that you?" I ask slowly and quietly, but I don't receive an answer just the sound of someone moving away from me.  "Y-Yeah, i-it's me."  Artemis stutters out.  Her voice is now a few feet away from me.  I purse my lips and think for a minute before I answer, "I think I'll take you up on that offer." 

12:10 PM:

The drive back to my place is slow, long, and extremely quiet.  Artemis finally broke the silence by turning the radio on.  "Y-You don't m-mind, right?" she asked softly.  "N-No it's okay, I-I don't mind."  I said quickly as the rap part to Dark Horse came on.


She's a beast

I call her karma(Come back)

She eats your heart out

Like Jeffery Dahmer(woo)

Be careful

Try not to lead her on

Shorty's heart is on steroids

Cause her love is so strong

You may fall in love

When you meet her

If you get the chance you

Better keep her

She's sweet as pie, but if you 

Break her heart

She'll turn cold as- 

"We're here, Alex." says Artemis as she interrupts the song by speaking up and brings me back from my daydream.  I look out the car window and sigh, my mom's gonna kill me. "Uh thanks for taking me home, Artemis. It really means a lot to me that you did."  The feel of her name rolling off my tongue feels so foreign to me, kind of like I was speaking a different language.  As I open the passenger door she grabs my wrist and the familiar fire shoots up my arm.  "Alex, I need you to leave me alone.  You know you can't interact with me." She says seriously and I get back into the car and look at her and say, "You know I can't do that. This time I won't let you get away from me. Not anymore."  She sits there and her face contorts into a mixture of anger, sadness, happiness, and relief.  That's when there's a knock on my side of car, "Alex! What do you think doing?!?" Yells my mom from outside the car.  I get out of the car and she smacks me on the back of my head.  "OW! What was that for?!?" I yell as she get's ready to smack me again.  "That was for not calling your mother that you were coming home early! Don't think I'll let you off easy either, Alex."  She yells back.  She looks at the car and smiles before she apologizes to Artemis.  "I'm so sorry that you had to see that and also thank you for driving him home."  She says politely as she shoots a glare my way.  "No it's alright. I didn't mind one bit." Artemis says politely as she glances to me.  My mom got out of the car and looked at me I smiled at her and she rolled her eyes.  After I said goodbye to Artemis and watched her drive off I walk into my house and go to my room.  I didn't realize how tired I was until I jumped on my and immediately fell asleep.  That afternoon I didn't dream of Artemis and me falling to my death it was just a peaceful sleep.

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