She's Not What She Seems

Hey, my names Alex and I just met this girl. Normally I wouldn't freak out like this, but hey she was just....breathtakingly beautiful. Now I know what you're saying, "She can't be that beautiful." but that's where you, my dear, are wrong. But I can't shake the feeling that something's off about her I guess I'll just find out now won't I.


3. The Truth


"Alex, wake up!"  I bolt upright in bed as I hear my mom calling me from downstairs.  I get up and walk out and downstairs to my mom.  "You called."  I say in a sarcastic voice and she glares at me.  "I invited that nice girl that drove you home to dinner, so put on some different clothes."  She says with a huge grin on her face.  I slowly walk back to my room and throw myself onto my bed and I stare at the ceiling. I ended up falling back to sleep and again I had no dreams of Artemis and me falling to my death.


I slowly open my eyes to see my mom about to pour a bucket of water on me.  "WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Mom what are you doing?!?!?" I panicked as I scrambled to get away from her.  "Well since you chose to go back to sleep I thought it'd be nice if our guest over there saw how I wake you up."  She says through gritted teeth.  I look over to my door frame where I see Artemis is having a hard time controlling her laughter.  I send her a pleading look and she throws her hands up. I groan and my mom puts the bucket down and walks out of my room.  "You could've helped ya know. It would have saved me the embarrassment of you seeing all that."  I say slowly as I look over at Artemis and she shrugs.  "I didn't think you needed the help."  She says as she looks around my room.  My room is fairly clean with only a few clothes on the floor and a pair of shoes under my bed.  "Anyway, Alex I need to talk to you about some-"  "Guys dinners ready!"  My mom shouts interrupting Artemis.  "Later, first we have to hurry and eat food or else my mom with flip."  I say and her shoulders slump. 


We finished dinner and then it was like everything and nothing all happened at once.  My mom fell to floor, but she was still standing upright, my front door flew open but it was still shut, men came running into my house but then no one was there.  I looked at Artemis and she was just standing there like nothing was happening.  "What's happening?!? What are you doing?!?!"  I shout over the white noise and she just stands there staring at me.  I am everything and nothing.  I bring life, but I also bare the mark of death.  I am destruction it's self.  I am the mother all, but I am also a child.  My name is Lilith, and you Alex are the one who I will marry, but you are also my killer.  Do not fear, for if you love this child then we shall marry, but if you do not and you break her heart you will kill me."  There's a bright flash of light then nothing and all I remember is hitting the floor with a thud. Although I remember nothing after I remember that I did dream of me and Artemis getting married, but then everything changed I had a knife covered in blood and I held Artemis in my arms while I laughed like a maniac.  The worst part was that I had red eyes and Artemis was laughing with me then nothing...

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