She's Not What She Seems

Hey, my names Alex and I just met this girl. Normally I wouldn't freak out like this, but hey she was just....breathtakingly beautiful. Now I know what you're saying, "She can't be that beautiful." but that's where you, my dear, are wrong. But I can't shake the feeling that something's off about her I guess I'll just find out now won't I.


1. So I Met This Girl...

Alex's Dream: 

"No you have to leave me!" she said franticly.  "You know I can't do that..." I said as I stroked her face.  "Alex you don't understand.  I will only bring you pain.." she says sadly as she turns around and walks away.  "Wait!...don't go! can't go!....I can take anything life throws at me!" Yell after her as she get's further and further away. Then I'm falling from the sky and it feels like forever till I hit the ground.  Even with a smile on my face I still scream her name.... 

6:00 AM:

I bolt upright as I remember the fall.  "Alex, what are you going to do with yourself?"  I say to myself as I get up and walk to the bathroom.  I look at the mirror and see a tired, pale, gloomy person staring back at me.  I've never looked this way ever in my life.  It all started when the dream.  I've had the same dream over and over again for the last three weeks.  Everytime I say her name I can never seem to hear it.  There's always this high pitched sound when it's said.  Anyway, since I'm up might as well get ready for school. 

7:55 AM:

"Hey, what's up Alex?" says my friend Jack as he slaps me on the back and sits in the desk behind me.  "Oh I don't know maybe just that I've had the same dream for about three freaking weeks and it still hasn't stopped."  I say irritated that he had even asked me the question.  I stare at him as he puts his hands up to say he surrenders.  I turn my attention to the teacher as he starts to call attendance, when all of a sudden a girl walks into the classroom, not just any girl, the girl from my dream.  "Ah! Class this is Artemis Collins.  She'll be with us the rest of the year."  the teacher announces as he claps his hands together.  "Now your seat? Seat? Seat? Ah, it'll be right next to Alex.  Alex raise your hand so she knows who you are." the teacher says as I slowly raise my hand.  She turns her head towards me and stops.  I put my hand down and avert my eyes because of the tension.  She slowly makes her way down the row to the seat next to me.  As she's sitting down she drops an overused notebook onto the floor.  As I went to pick it up our hands touched and it felt like fire shot through my entire body.  She quickly picked it up and turned towards the teacher leaving me with my heart pounding at 100 miles an hour. 

8:45 AM:

"Dude did see the new girl, Artemis?"  Jack asks our friend Finn on our way to our next class, but if you ask me it doesn't seem like he cares much.  "No, no I haven't Jack.  And you know what?  I could care less about the new girl."  says Finn.  Man talk about beating around the bush, but I can't say that blame him.  You see Jack has the tendency to make a big deal out of nothing.  As we were rounding the corner I bumped into her. And again the feeling of fire ran through my entire being.  We stared at each for what seemed like forever until Finn waved his hand in front of my face.  "Hey. Hey! Earth to Alex! We're gonna be late to class if we don't hurry up."  He says as he grabs my arm and drags me to our next class. 

9:35 AM:

On my way to homeroom my mind starts to wander to when I touched Artemis.  The feeling was just exhilarating!  It's just so hard to explain what it felt like exactly, but it just felt...magical.  I've never felt that way before when touching someone.  It was just-- "Um excuse me, but are you going to move anytime soon?"  Someone asks from behind me.  I turn around to see Artemis and a few others standing next to her.  It takes me a moment to realize that I'm standing in the doorway of homeroom.  "O-Oh yeah, uh sorry."  I stutter as I move out of the way.  Artemis and the rest of the people walk into the classroom while I just stand there looking like a dummy.  "So Alex, are you just going to stand there or are going to take your seat?" says my homeroom teacher and I blush as I take the seat in the front. 

9:55 AM: 

"Dude she's in your homeroom?!?!" Jack yells on our way to third period.  "Bro, no need to yell. Everyone's staring."  I whisper as I look around to see people looking at us.  "Oh yeah sorry dude...but anyway, she's in your homeroom?!?" Jack says a bit quieter now.  I've never seen him this excited since Taco Tuesday and trust me, he was very excited.  "Yeah. She's in our first period, my homeroom--" I stop when I see her walk into our third period, "And apparently third period, too."  I say exasperated.  It's like she's following me around and I mean it's not that I don't mind it, but next thing I know she's gonna be in my lunch.  "Well anyway dude see you in lunch if I'm late again Mr. Peterson is gonna give me detention, so later!" Jack yells running down the hallway.  It takes me a few minutes to actually walk into class and realize that she's sitting right next to my seat, but there's something next to her..."Look out!" I shout as it goes for her that's when everything goes black and the last thing I see is Artemis hovering over me yelling my name.    

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