I am


1. I am who I am.

I am a girl.

I am the only daughter of my parents.

I have no sisters.

None that I care for anyway.

I am hate.

I am fear.

I am strong.

I intimidate some and am afraid of others.

I am afraid to love.

I am afraid of disappointing myself.

I am not afraid to die.

I am a walking talking sin.

I am bisexual. I have a girlfriend.

I am not perfect nor will I ever be.

My nanny was the only person i trusted.

My aunt is more a mother to me than my own.

My grandpa was always like my father.

My brothers practically raised me.

I grew up at my grandmothers house.

I grew up smoking.

I grew up having to be tough to protect myself and my baby cousin from my aunt.

My dad blames himself for who I am.

He says it's his fault I'm not a good kid.

That I do what I do.

No it's really not.

I've just gone through things.

I have issues.

I have a stress and depression disorder.

My mother is the same way.

We've seen things that didn't need to be seen as 4 year olds.

I've seen my brother practically die.

I've seen my nanny dying in a hospital bed.

Same with my granny.

Seen my uncle go to prison,

Beat my aunt, throw things through walls.

I am not perfect that's just not who I am.

I will not live up to others expectations.

I am who I am.

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