A boy meets a girl and they go on a journey to find his........


2. The story begins

One morning Sam woke up to a surprise..... His birthday sam would be turning 14 so he had to behave! "Wake up Juliet" shouted Sam. As Juliet woke up she said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM"!!! Sam asked what was his surprise??? Juliet said we where going to disney land Paris so we needed to get on a train! ( that brought a sad memory to Sams mind) What if it's the same train as mum and dad went on?,Sam thought! As he finished packing his suit case he was ready to go!


soon they arrived at the station and waited for the train. Along came a girl about the same age as Sam. Same got on the train and so did the girl! She didn't look like she was with anyone! I asked her "who are you with". She replied with a mean voice saying "why would you care, why does it matter to you". "Stop fighting little girl" kindly said Juliet. "Come with us if you like" said Juliet. So the girl did. The girl was called rose. "The train mum and dad on was passenger and we are on PASSENGER......" Freaked out Sam . "Don't worry it won't crash we are fine" calmly said Juliet. Rose screamed in terror as the train was crashing. " what a lovely birthday I HAD!!" Shouted sadly Sam. "Give me that hammer" seriously said Juliet! -the hammer got passed to Juliet-. -smashed the window -  jump out the window we will survive then! 

To be continued........


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