Scarlet Bray preferred isolation. He changed that. But one secret was going to change it all.


4. He knows

The weeks went on and I regrettably fell into a routine with the mysterious man. He sat beside me in class, he sat with me in the library and then he drove me home. I asked on many occasions if he would leave me alone, unfortunately he had other ideas.
“Flynn, this is ridiculous, I barely know you and you seem to know a hell of a lot about me, so unless you’re willing to give me some answers I would greatly appreciate you leaving me alone,”
“You speak so beautifully, you know that right?” Well that is not what I was expecting, a compliment from the ever demanding Mister Piper?
“Excuse me?” His laugh brought a scowl to my face,
“It’s called a compliment Scar, learn to appreciate them.” We were walking to his car, the sun unusually bright for this time of year. I refused to acknowledge the new nickname I seemed to have acquired. Only my sister called me Scar.
“Scar! Wait up!” Speak of the devil. I turned to see my younger sister pelting her way through the car park towards us. We had just reached Flynn’s jeep when she arrived, breathing haggardly before glancing at our company.
“Tessa, this is Flynn, Flynn, Tessa,” I watched as Flynn looked at my younger sister, he studied her almost like she was a new species of insect he was deeply interested in.
“Nice to meet you Flynn, you know...the whole school’s talking about you!” Dignity was an unknown concept to Tessa, this was evident as she almost threw herself at Flynn in a poor attempt to imitate exhaustion.
“You want a ride?” I found myself involuntarily glaring between my sister and Flynn, he was clearly attracted to my sister, which was understandable, she was beautiful; dark hair, blue eyes and stunning clear skin. However, what wasn’t understandable was the intense jealousy I felt watching them together.

The drive was silent; that is aside from Tessa’s incessant yapping from the back of the jeep. My phone vibrated in my blazer pocket causing me to practically jump out of my skin, my phone never went off.

If I had known all it took was jealousy...

The number was unknown, but there was no doubt in my mind it was a certain Mister Piper. I felt the blood run to my cheeks and almost choked myself trying to force it back around my body: I did not blush!
“So Flynn, are you single?” Again I almost choked, my sister knew no boundaries. Flynn laughed from my right,
“I guess you could say that,” always elusive.
We arrived at the house and thankfully Tessa took the hint and left us alone.
“I’m sorry about her, she’s a bit of a handful,” I went to open the door of the car,
“Scarlet Wait,” Flynn’s fingers synched around my wrist and pulled me gently but firmly back into the soft leather. Our gazes met and the inevitable tension I had read so much about erupted between us. My breaths gradually grew shallower and escaped from me more often. Flynn’s brown eyes bore into mine with nothing more than determination.
“Flynn, I should go,”
“No,” his word was weak but I had no time to protest, the gap between us lessened. My heart rate increased. The oxygen to my brain decreased. His lips met mine. We crashed together in a wave of pent up emotion, his lips furiously possessing mine. It was perfect and all wrong at once. My world was spinning. I had to stop this before I fell too far.
“Flynn, tell me, tell me how you know,” I broke away my hands gripping the back of his neck. His breaths were warm against my face.
“I can’t tell you Scar, I can’t,”
“Then why, tell me why!” I hadn’t moved my forehead from his, it felt right. The only wrongness was coming from his inability to tell the truth, but I guess that fault lies with us both.
“Why what Scar?”
“Tell me why you picked me?” The silence grew between us, creating an invisible wall of doubt that was expanding by the minute. What could he possibly have to say that require so much thought?
“Because Scarlet, I know what you did,” my world flew to a halt, my brain was throwing words and pictures around the back of my mind, I couldn’t breathe. He knew, how did he know? I wasn’t breathing, I was pressing my back against the cold window of the car, unable to escape his scorching stare.
“No- no you can’t-,” he stopped me before I could go on, pulling me by the forearms and into his lap. I fought and fought, attempting to free myself from his grip. I pounded his chest with my fists but to no avail.
“I know Scarlet, I know you killed your parents, and I don’t care.”


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