Scarlet Bray preferred isolation. He changed that. But one secret was going to change it all.


3. Answers

“The speech will be due next Friday so please be prepared,” the bell had gone and Miss Henry had long ago lost the attention of the class. I watched as they barged their way past the tables that were pushed into precarious positions as they headed for the door. I waited, as I always wait; this time however, I didn’t wait alone.
“I’m sorry but can I help you?”
“Oh I’m sure you can Miss Bray, I’m sure you can,” my dubious stare gained me nothing but another round of laughter from my new counterpart. He was starting to grate on my nerves. The class had hastily dissipated and we were alone with Miss Henry.
“Scarlet could I please speak to you?” The woman’s tentative tone resembled nothing of the authority teachers were supposed to posses, that is part of what made defying her so easy.
“I’m sorry but I need to get a bus,” I began my path to the doorway when I was stopped by his melodic voice.
“I wouldn’t mind giving you a lift home Scarlet, I’m sure whatever Miss Henry has to say is very important,” Flynn’s patronising tone was lost on the young teacher who was struggling to hide her infatuation with our new student.  For the first time in a long time I glared at the man, how dare he meddle with my life? 
“No I-,”
“Oh that’s brilliant, thank you so much Flynn,” her enthusiasm was almost unbearable. Flynn smirked as he left me alone to face the conversation I had been so expertly avoiding.   
“Scarlet, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say,” I nodded my head, watching the door and not my current interrogator, “You haven’t been participating in class, you haven’t completed a single homework all year and I know, this has been a tough year for you but you need to pass these exams,”
“I know,”
“So will you promise me you will commit?”
“I won’t promise you anything Miss Henry, see you tomorrow,” I marched to the door without looking back; I knew all that would await me was disappointment on the face of my teacher. Pity.
“Get in.” I did not take kindly to demands, I stood defiantly, staring in any direction other than the one Flynn’s voice flew from, “I said get in!” His tone was shocking to say the least, and as the rain threw itself mercilessly against my back the black jeep parked in front of the school entrance looked like my smartest option. I hoisted myself upwards into the unnecessarily raised vehicle.
“You didn’t need to give me a ride,”
“I know, but what better way to get to know me than sitting in a confined space for an hour,”
“One, who says I want to get to know you?  And two, how on earth do you know how far away my house is?” I knowingly let some of my bewilderment escape into my voice; he should know how absurd this entire day has been.
“Oh Scarlet, don’t be coy with me, I know you want to know everything about me, but you may have to wait.”  I was silent. This man was curious, and unfortunately I knew he was right.
 We drive onwards; I don’t question Flynn’s ability to find my house. I don’t question any of it, I have learned if you question a person’s actions they are more likely to question your own.
“It’s the next left,”
“I know,”
“Of course you do,” Flynn’s smirk irked me almost to the point of breaking. How dare he act as though he knows me so well? I needed answers, but I would get them in time.

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