1. The island



    Ambergris Caye, a beautiful island filled with happy tourist and kind locals. My name is Cole Brinks and I am a local to this island but after today I'll be nothing more than a tourist. My parents died at sea when I was 10 and ever since then the ocean has been my biggest fear. Now it's just my older brother Thomas and I and he treats me like a son and all, but it just isn't the same. Today is my birthday e decided to finally move to brazil. That's the place that my parents were going to visit the day of the crash, but I'm just going to have to learn to put that behind me.

  Thomas came into my room while I was packing with a black box. "I got you a present" he said "what is it ?" I asked, he told me to open it and find out. so I did and inside was a silver Sig Saur p226. I jumped up "no way!" I shouted, "but this is better than yours" "ya, but you were always the better shot" he replied. I tucked it beneath my shirt and continued packing. I looked up, "thank you Thomas" I said I could tell by his face that he knew that I wasn't talking about the gun. "Well you up for some cake birthday boy?" Thomas urged, "hell ya!" I replied.

  He went over to the oven and took out the cake. I was sitting at the table, when I started to smell something but I couldn't put out what it was, at that moment Thomas over with the birthday cake and a lighter "happy birthday sixteen year old!" the smell , it was gas! "wait! Thom-" Click... I was on my back and flames were everywhere. There was a ringing in my ear, I could my heart beat, and my breathing was loud. From the distance there was a figure running towards me it was completely in flames and after close looking I realized that it indeed was Thomas. He gave me a strong push, it was enough to get me to the door where I managed to escape. I turned to see the house engulfed in flames, it was gone and so was my brother.

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