~The Demons Love~

I'm Lullaby I'm 16. I lived with my grandmother. She meant the world to me. But then she left this world. Her last word where "The demon is you future." And she was right. Wether I denied it or not. The popular HOT boy named Winter had a secret... He is a DEMON WOLF! Everyone but me fell on love with him. That's when he tried to get me....


2. ~School With The Hunk~

I woke up to hear my alarm clock go off. I groaned. Last night I out my stuff away so I didn't have to worry about it. I got up and took a shower. After I put my makeup on I straighten my black hair and tried to make my green eyes stand out. I was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a sleeping with sirens shirt. I grabbed my adventure time bag that had my school stuff and headed out. I drove to my high school. I sat in my car for a minute thinking this is it! 10th grade high school. New friends. New life.

I got out of my car and walked into school. Everyone was with there friends talking and gossiping. I sighed. I was alone. Then a nice girl came up to me. "Hi! I'm Jessica. I see your new here do you want me to show you around?" She talked really fast. Before I could answer she said. "GREAT! What's your schedule?" I handed her my schedule. "Oh what's you name I never caught it?" She said I looked at her and giggled. "I'm Lullaby." I said and smiled. She led me to all the class rooms. My homeroom was with Mr.Collins I walked in and was greeter by him. Jessica had the same homeroom too. I looked around.

I saw a boy who looked really familiar. He was standing their talking to a whole bunch of girls and guys. "That's Winter... The popular guy." Jessica whispers to me. I looked at him and realized it was the guy from that night. This time with blue eyes and brown hair that looked really cute. He looked REALLY cute. But he didn't look like my type. "Winter..." I mumbled to myself. Then he looked up at me. I blushed and immediately looked away. God! Those eyes! "Okay class let me tell you the rules of this class!" Mr.C began. I grabbed my notebook and started to doodle. After his class was over I looked at what I had drawn... A wolf. I ripped it out of my note book and three it in the trash.

My next class was math... My best subject. My teachers name was Mrs.Rainey. I sat down at the end of room where no one could see me. That's when Winter say beside me. All he did was keep staring at me. Like he's was trying to figure something out. Then he passed me a note. 'Hey... Wanna ditch?' I rolled my eyes and threw the note away. He was cute but I could tell I was NOT going to like him.

The rest of the day he had all the same classes as me. All he did was stare at me and pass me notes. It was the end of the day and I went to my locker. "What's your name." Winter said coming up to me. I sighed. "Lullaby." I said closing my locker. He went up to my ear and whispered "I know you saw me." Shivers went down my back. "Leave me alone... I'm sorry but I don't hang with playboys." I said it in a clam voice and walked out of the school.

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