~The Demons Love~

I'm Lullaby I'm 16. I lived with my grandmother. She meant the world to me. But then she left this world. Her last word where "The demon is you future." And she was right. Wether I denied it or not. The popular HOT boy named Winter had a secret... He is a DEMON WOLF! Everyone but me fell on love with him. That's when he tried to get me....


1. ~Grandmas Dead~

"Your love is with a demon. He will be the one for you." That was the last words my grandma said before passing away. She died on my sixteenth birthday. They put the sheets over my grandma I stared and walked away. I walked away with one tear falling on my face. I have to stay strong... Even though I was alone, even though everyone around me was gone. I HAD to stay strong. Because if I don't... Then the world will start a crashing around me.

-Two months later-

It's been two months with my grandma dead. She left everything in her will to me. The house the car everything. Even though I was sixteen I had a drivers license. They made an exception to me. I had a job and everything. I went shopping at HotTopic one of my favorite stores I walked out with a while bunch of clothes. I walked out of the mall and went to my parking spot. The car my grandma left me was a 67' Chevy Impala. I out my bags in it and headed over to Walmart.

After I bought the stuff I needed for school I looked at the time. 11:30. I sighed I wanted to stay out longer but I have school in two days. I put the stuff in the back of my car. I went up front to start it. I turned the key. The engine started but it turned back off. I tried again over and over. Still didn't work. I called the tow truck and they took my car. I sighed again. Life LOVES me right now I thought sarcastically. I payed the tow man and he have me a discount. "The car will be ready tomorrow." The tow man said. "Thanks." I said and smiled. He asked me for a ride but I kindly denied. My house was only about one mile away.

After what seemed like hours of walking I looked to see in a parking lot a bot fighting what looked like ten guys. I looked closer and the guy was winning. I looked even closer to see what the guy looked like... His eyes where glowing orange he had messy hair and looked good in shape light tanned and 5'11. Then he stared at me. I quickly looked away and started to run. I ran to my house and locked the doors.

I woke up to see myself holding a knife. Then I remembered the guy... That's why I was holding it. I soon let go of the knife. I heard someone knocking at the door. I find it to see the tow man with my car I paid him and he dropped my car. I can't wait for this day to be over I thought.

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