Daniel Potter and the Second Riddle (Book 1)

Harry Potter's grandson, and James Sirius Potter's son, Daniel Potter is finally old enough to go to Hogwarts School of Whichcraft and Wizardry. Little does he know that he is up for a big year.


2. Diagon Alley

Daniel woke up, next morning very excited.  (Who wouldn't be if they were going to get their Hogwarts stuff). He planned on meeting his best friend, Richard Weasley at . Richard and Daniel were related, though they're not close. Richard was Daniel's grandmother's (Ginny Weasley) brother's (Ron Weasley's) grandson. So they were like far cousins. Richard was also 11 and his birthday was on the 23rd April. Daniel sometimes liked calling Richard his actual cousin as he doesn't have any siblings and cousins.


"Mum! Dad!" Daniel sang as he was running down the staircase... but he tripped and fell over and hurt his head. Daniel quickly got up, though he was bleeding. This was one of his extraordinary powers. He doesn't get hurt much, it just feels like a pinch for him. He ran into the dining room:                                                                                                                                      "Oh my god! Honey, are you okay?" screamed his mother.  "Yes, mum," he lied, "It didn't hurt at all." 


After the Potter Family finished their breakfast (and after Daniel got healed) they all went to the chimney to go to Diagon Alley. They were using floo powder. "Go on, Daniel. You go first, quick." said Daniel's mother. Daniel got a bit of floo powder and stepped in the chimney. He was used to floo powder. He has used it often (normally to get some money from Gringrotts Wizarding Bank). He got a handful of floo powder, went to the chimney and nicely and clearly said "Diagon Alley".


And like magic he flew, arms tucked in, and crashed to the floor. He got up safely, sighed, his glasses didn't break like last time. One by one the other wizards came in from the chimney. Harry Potter, James Potter, Albus Potter, Lily Potter, Ginny Potter, Candace Potter (Albus Potter's wife) and finally Stacy Potter. "I will go with Daniel to get his things and all of you buy what we need." Yippie! Thought Daniel. He liked his grandpa. 

Daniel and Harry bought Daniel's robes, bought his books, bought his stuff and they went for a little ice-cream in Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour. Okay, maybe more than a little. Daniel met Richard in Quality Quidditch Supplies. "Hey, Danny!" Richard shouted. "Oh hey!"said Daniel back.

What are you doing!" Asked Richard.

"Just looking at this awesome broomstick!"


"It's the Supersnabb Infinite, best broom there is, yet!"

"Oy, hoy! Look at who's here. Wrong Weasley and Dick Daniel!" Richard and Daniel turned around and saw least what they water to see. "Tony Malfoy!" they both exclaimed. Tony Malfoy was Richard and Daniel's arch-enemy. He was the son of Lucifer Malfoy (Draco Malfoy's son), who worked for the Ministry of Magic. Richard and Daniel knew him because he kept on appearing in Wizardry Field for Kids (a place where wizards below 13 could play in) and played pranks on them. "_______ off, Malfoy!" Richard swore. "Oh, maybe I should call you the dick then, shouldn't I!" Malfoy argued, "After all, thats what Richard means anyway! Are your parents dumb, giving you a name that means dick!!!" Ron was about to get his fist ready to punch Tony in the face when a voice said: "Daniel, Richard. C'mon we need to get yourwands!" and Daniel saw Richard's father, Hugo. 


Daniel and Richard went with Mr. Weasley to see get their first wands. "Did you hear Malfoy! He called me a dick!" Richard went on quietly so only Daniel could hear. "Wait till I get my hands on him!" he said a little bit louder. They went inside Olivander Jr.'s Wands. "Hello, sir. We just need 2 wands!" said Mr. Weasley. 

"Oh, my. Is that Harry Potter's grandson?" asked Olivander Jr, pointing at Daniel. Daniel knew he was famous, but he didn't know that he would be this famous. Olivander Jr. quickly climbed up the ladder and grabbed a box and opened it. It was a thin, black wand with a silver point. "Phoenix tail and beak" Olivander Jr. said looking at the wand. He gave it to Richard. "Give it a wave." Richard waved it and it worked perfectly. "And now for you," he said looking at Daniel. He searched through the pile of wands, naming them, loudly. "Snake skin; raven feather; tortoise shell" he carried on and finally he said: "Ah, the tear of a phoenix." he said looking at a wand that was a 1CM thick wand with 3 golden ball decorations on it. He gave it to Daniel and Daniel waved it and it also worked perfectly.


Daniel was excited. He had got his first ever wand. And it was perfect for him. He wanted to go to Hogwarts School straight away. They went for another ice-cream in  Florean Fortescue's. Daniel had so much fun that he forgot that they had to go home. Before going, they took another peek at the Supersnabb Infinite. "If I get picked for the Quidditch team, I want that broom." Daniel said to Richard. "Best broom there is, isn't it!" replied Richard. 


They were all standing at the chimney ready to use more floo powder. "Dad, can I stay at Richard's, please?" Richard asked Mr. Weasley. "Of course you can, but only for a night, okay." replied Mr. Weasley. So they all went through the chimney back to Potter Mansion. 


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