What Eyes Fail to See

Entry for the competition!!!;))


1. You betrayed me.

When I first laid eyes on you, I thought you were perfect.


Exactly what I needed.


Someone to be there for me, to support me when I needed it most

Someone who would see past the smile, past the armor, past the happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Someone who would see the scars but not comment on them.

Someone who would accept me for how I was.


And in the first few months of our friendship, you were just that. 


You were my rock, my light in the darkness.

You were my happy when I was sad. 

You were my reason to smile when I really struggled to find any reason to live. 

You were my everything.


I trusted you more than I ever trusted anybody else.


I trusted you with my deepest, darkest secrets.

I trusted you with my innermost desires and dreams.

I trusted you with my fears, my worries, my imperfections.

I trusted you with my life.


You were the one I turned to when everybody else turned their backs on me.


When my mother shunned me.

When my father yelled at me.

When my friends deserted me. 

When my own mind turned me against me.


You were always there for me.


You were my friend, my confidant, my rock; and then you were something more.


You were my second chance.


I was so close to being fixed. 

So close to being happy; a concept which had become so alien to me over the last two years.

So close to being whole.


But then, you changed.

Or rather, shattered my rose-tinted glasses and made me see you as you really were:

A traitor.


I trusted you with everything and you- you had the audacity, the nerve, the ignorance to go spreading it to everyone. All the people who I told you I never wanted to know. All the people you swore you'd never tell.


I never would've thought you could lie about something like that.


Turns out I was wrong. 


Because you did.


And you broke me.


My heart, which you had precariously stitched back together over the course of many long months and night-long conversations, was just as easily broken as if those month meant nothing, or never happened.


And I was devastated. Broken beyond repair. 


You saw the hopelessness of the situation and you ran like the Devil himself was on your heels. 


And I never saw you again.





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