The Clown Of Terror

The floor creaked, once to the left once to the right. A clowns face appeared at the window. It's haunting breath clouding the grimy door, how do I get out? How do I survive?


1. Chapter.............1

Making my way to my hang out, a haunted mansion I contemplated what had happened at school, absolutely zilch, zero. Being lost in my thoughts I didn't realise that I had arrived.

The building stood high in the air, the view from one of the many picturesque turrets was mind boggling. A long line of dark green ivy entwined it's self with the structures of the thousand year old almost castle. At the front of the building if you looked down from the view were a pair of towering wrought iron gate that loomed over your head. To enter the grounds you climb the wall to the left. It used to be an asylum, I know what your thinking. Why is an eleven year old child going into such a building, well the answer is because..... Well I live here.

I, Ashley Cole live in an old asylum and my bedroom is the room where a mass murder dressed as a clown died.

There is a myth that every 11 month on the 14th year each century that the clown comes down to kill. He trapped them in, leaves them screaming and goes to kill there family.

Only one person ever survived, but they however went crazy with madness. You can guess who that was can't you, my grandmother.

The clown is my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. My grandmother confined in me something, a way to survive. She told me that a secret passage that leads to a door. That door takes you to a place where you can chose to save yourself and get killed or go back in time to save the other people taken by the clown. If you do you change the past and the future. It is a risk but one that my grandmother took. She died after because there is one catch. You only have one month.  The other people will them in turn change a bit of the past to alter ow you spend your life now. You just have to ask them. 



Hurtling the fence I made my way to the brown lion head door knocker. Knocking twice I entered the building and shouted a hello to Mother and Father. 

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