Ignis and Glaciem

I am different to the other kids, in more ways than one. I mean, no-one really fits in in high school but I just feel different, though that could be down to the fact that I’m a Wise One. My name is Doe. I’m not entirely sure why my parents named me so but I think they said it was something to do with how innocent I look when I sleep and how fragile I can be...


8. Specialties

Everyone sat in complete silence. Fabien could sense death. My boyfriend, the kindest most caring, light-hearted boy I had ever met could feel death and he had felt it in me. I suddenly felt sick and I had to get up and go to the bathroom. I shut the door but didn’t lock it. I didn’t see the point and I didn’t want to separate myself from help so I sat on the floor, my back against the door. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I was extremely thankful to find that they turned into drops of ice when they touched my skin. The fell and shattered on the floor and I couldn’t stop. Someone tried to push the door open but couldn’t seeing as I was sat in the way. “Doe, can I come in?”, Fabien’s voice rang through the key hole and echoed in the bathroom. I moved out the way and he walked in slowly, shutting the door behind him and sitting next to me. He held his hand up to my cheek and brushed the frozen tears away. I tensed up at his touch. I knew just because his specialty was… what it was, it shouldn't change anything but I couldn’t help it. As much as I hated to say it, he sort of scared me now. I’m sorry. I jumped. I could hear Fabien’s voice in my head. Telepathy. A transferred power from his father. Brilliant. At least he couldn’t read my thoughts. “Doe, I… I wanted to tell you in private, before I told my parents but I only figured it out when I was talking to your dad and it just felt like the right time to say it but-“, I nodded. My vision blurred with tears. I couldn’t keep sitting here with him. I stood up and was about to run when I felt even more sick. I turned around and threw up in the toilet. My throat felt raw and I was drained of energy. Fabien was holding my hair out of my face and my mother stood at the door with a glass of water for me. Once I couldn’t be sick anymore, I stumbled to my feet with Fabien’s help and sipped the water slowly, my body shaking. “Could you feel it? Before, when I was being sick”, I looked at Fabien and he nodded, tears in his eyes. I now realised how much his specialty disturbed him too.
I tied my hair back into a loose plait to keep it out of my face but I still felt very warm and ill. Why did all of this have to happen? And why now?! I stumbled and Fabien instinctively grabbed my arms but it just made the pain of my burns more intense and I cried out. He immediately took his hands away and apologised. I shook my head again. It wasn’t his fault. None of this was but I still felt scared to be near him. I looked at him and told myself I was being stupid. I had known Fabien since I was young. He hadn’t changed, he was still Fabien. My Fabien.
We all returned  to the dining room table. Electra looked pale, probably shocked by the new knowledge her son had presented. Everyone sat in the same place as before and it looked as if nothing had happened at first but everyone was sat up straighter, everyone paler and with a lost-in-thought expression on their face. I kept looking back at Fabien and each time, I could see that he wanted to cry but held it in for his parents’ benefit. I ran my fingers over the back of his hand, hoping to reassure him but I only made it worse. A tear fell down his cheek and it wasn’t long until he couldn’t stop crying. I hated to see him so upset and it made me sad too so I also started crying. Electra took one look at us both and tears began to roll down her cheeks too. “We’re a right state”, she said. She stopped crying quite quickly, pulling a handkerchief from her pocket. It had  little clouds embroidered on the corners. I concentrated on that and managed to stop myself crying. Fabien was another matter though. He had to get up and get some tissue from the bathroom. I decided it best not to follow him just in case I worsened him. He came back with red but dry eyes. He sat down in the corner, looking at the fireplace. I supposed he found it easiest to stare at something emotionless, something that wasn’t alive, something that couldn’t die.
I wanted to go up to him, comfort him but I didn’t want to set him off again. I was thinking about going up to my room, then he would be welcome to come and talk to me in private if he wanted and they could have the fire on downstairs. I had found out earlier that both Fabien’s parents are Ignis too. I rose from my seat and just as I was walking up the stairs, I heard my mother speak. Something about ringing the school and saying that both Fabien and I were ill. It was a little late to be calling about that as most parents ring before school starts and it was now around twelve but I suppose better late than never and all that. I continued up the stairs and as I was opening my bedroom door, I heard the living room one open too. I went inside my room and left the door ajar in case it was Fabien I had heard. I sat at the window and looked outside, half expecting the weather to match my mood but it was still very sunny and rather warm.
I lay on the window seat, looking at my door and I saw it open. I thought it was Fabien at first but the footsteps were lighter. They pushed the door open and I saw that it was Leven. She had been sat upstairs this whole time and I had forgotten. Everyone else was at school or college but Leven was tutored at home. She looked at me strangely and then I remembered the injuries I’d acquired. She took one look at me then disappeared back to her room. I would’ve thought it strange if it had been someone else but she probably just needed to let out some energy. I sat up and looked again at my burns. I couldn’t tell if they’d improved, worsened or stayed the same. They didn’t hurt as much but that was most likely because I had more important things to think about.
That moment, Leven returned. She had a blade in her hands and I was sure I saw flames dancing around it. “Leven, what are you doing?”, I was very nervous now.
“To reverse those wounds you must re-enact the injury. Please, just trust me. This might hurt a little but in the long run…”, I nodded. I trusted my sister. She came towards me and set the blade alight. I shut my eyes tight and tried to think of something calming as Leven ran the blade over my wounds. I opened my eyes slowly and saw the burns disappear. She ran the blade over my shirt and the wounds disappeared underneath, the fabric re-stitched itself. “How did you know how to do that?”, I asked in complete amazement.
“I read it in one of my books.”, she smiled, “and reversing is my specialty”.
“How come you’ve never told anyone that? “
“I don’t know, I was just, afraid I guess. But now I am not so afraid of hurting people, because I can reverse it”. I smiled.
“Come downstairs with me so you can tell mum and dad”.
“Fabien’s here, isn’t he?”
“Yeah, but, he’s actually a Wise One. Go figure. Besides, after all that has happened today, I doubt that would shock him”. I explained everything to her, even about Fabien’s speciality. She didn’t react much to that.
 “One thing though, how did you know that my burns were created that way?”
“I’ve seen someone hurt that way before so I recognised the marks. It… it doesn’t matter”. She looked sad but I knew not to question it. If I needed to know, I’d find out.
We both stood up and walked downstairs. My mother smiled when she saw me and Leven but she seemed a little nervous and brought a candle out. My sister shook her head. She didn’t need it. “Mum, I know my specialty. I mean, I worked it out a little while ago but, I was too nervous to tell you. It’s reversing, and look”, she gestured to me, “I got rid of Doe’s burns”. My mother was shocked, as was my father but they both smiled. Fabien got up and walked across to her. He hadn’t moved since I’d left the room. “Congratulations”, he said. He had only spoken to Leven a few times but he didn’t act awkward.
“And to you”, she replied, “don’t give up”, she said before returning upstairs.
“Mum, I’ve been thinking and, well, I want to find Contessa Maelle”, I announced. No one looked shocked. They looked as if the expected it even. She nodded.
“I agree to let you go. I think it’s the right step but you will need to listen to me”. I nodded. It was fair enough and I needed all the help I could get, to be honest. Fabien stepped up and took my hand.
“I’m going with you”, he said.
“No, it’s dangerous”, I replied.
“Exactly. I can feel death. Don’t you think that’ll be useful? I’ll be able to sense you anywhere but I might as well be close enough to protect you. How do you think it’s feel to know that you were dancing with death a thousand miles away when there was no way for me to 'cut in' ”. Otto and Electra both spoke.
“We agree with him and think he should go with you. You’ll both be better off that way”. I nodded again because I knew they were right but I didn’t want Fabien to be in any danger. I looked at him, hoping he would take back what he said and let me go on my own but his eyes were firm and I could see that he was not going to change his mind.

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