Ignis and Glaciem

I am different to the other kids, in more ways than one. I mean, no-one really fits in in high school but I just feel different, though that could be down to the fact that I’m a Wise One. My name is Doe. I’m not entirely sure why my parents named me so but I think they said it was something to do with how innocent I look when I sleep and how fragile I can be...


6. Revelations

It had been three days since I had had that hallucination about Ivory and I had only gotten worse. The hallucinations had gotten more vivid and they were becoming more and more realistic. In one, I had been scratched by a thorn and woke up with the scratch, fresh and bleeding. My family was worried sick and Ivory had continued to have nightmares but no hallucinations. He had no more idea of what was going on than I did and none of us knew why only I had the ‘hallucinations’.
My parents continued to try different things to stop them from happening but they didn’t find much. As Ivory only had nightmares, he went into college as normal but he went in tired. The nightmares had made him fear sleep. My parents wondered if I would be able to go back to school because as far as they knew, there were no other Wise Ones at school to watch me but they thought doing normal things might prevent the ‘hallucinations’ so I went into school the next day.
My mum drove me to school just in case I fainted and when we got to the school gates, nerves attacked my stomach. I got out of the car and walked across the yard. I spotted Fabien and was wondering whether I should stay away from him to keep him safer but it didn’t matter because he ran up to me anyway.
“Doe! I was so worried about you. I tried to call you but it didn’t work. What happened?”
“Oh, my phone broke”. It turns out that leaving your phone on the table when it’s snowing in your room doesn’t do it any good, “and I’m fine” I lied. He locked his hand in mine and we walked into school. He kept watching me very carefully, probably checking if I was going to faint but I hadn’t fainted since Monday. Wow, Monday seemed a lifetime ago but it was only Friday. We sat down in the entrance hall, waiting for the registration bell but we had twenty minutes yet.
“Fabien, do you want to go for a walk outside? It’s really warm in here.”
“Sure. We can go anywhere I suppose seeing as school hasn’t technically started.”. He stood up and took my bag. I then stood up and we walked back outside and across the yard towards the forest.
It was much cooler in the forest; the dense canopy of trees almost blocked out the sunlight, only a few rays poked through. It was much calmer and I could hardly see or hear the school. It was just me and Fabien and I could forget everything. Well, I thought I could.
We continued to walk, holding hands and enjoying the silence. My head got dizzy and my vision changed. I had to stop this or Fabien would find out everything. I pulled my hand away and stepped backwards, away from Fabien, but not quick enough. The vision started.
I was sat in the middle of a dark room, it was cold and I couldn’t see much until it appeared. A ring of fire surrounded me and Fabien appeared on the other side of the ring. We couldn’t get to each other. I called out to him and the flames rose higher. There was no way out and the ring began to get smaller. An Ignis walked in and ran towards Fabien. He pinned Fabien against the wall and it took all I had to not cry out. The Ignis man looked at me then back at Fabien an uttered one word “Glaciem”. With that, more Ignis men ran in and at Fabien, blades of fire in their hands. I screamed and the flames disappeared so I ran towards Fabien and jumped in front of him before the men could get to him. I screamed once again as the fire blades neared my skin. I woke on the floor of the forest, Fabien knelt over me crying. I sat up and noticed the marks on my skin. Gashes covered my arms. They weren’t deep but they burned and the blood that dripped from them set the dry grass alight. I looked at Fabien and didn’t know how I could explain this.
“Doe, I know why this happened”. How? How could he know I was a Wise One? My heart raced and I stood up and moved away from him.
“Fabien, I-“
“No, I should have told you this ages ago”. He wiped the tears from his eyes and stood up. “I have special powers. We have a name, Wise Ones, but we’re basically-“
“Fabien, stop. This isn’t your fault. I am a Wise One too. I know what’s going on”. He looked surprised and perhaps relieved for a second but then he returned to a worried expression.
“You’re a Glaciem, aren’t you.”, he said reluctantly. I nodded.
“Yes, are you an Ignis?”. He nodded too. Tears continued to roll down his cheeks and I had to turn away. I couldn’t stand the sight of him being upset. Tears began to well up in my eyes too and I couldn’t tell if it was because Fabien was upset or because the burns on my arms were worsening.
Fabien started rooting around in his bag then made a pleased face. He pulled out a bottle of water and walked over to me.
“Can you hold out your arms a second?”, he asked. I straightened them very slowly and winced as I saw new gashes that I hadn’t noticed earlier. Fabien filled the bottle cap with water and held my hand to keep my hand steady. He then began to pour the water onto one of the cuts and when the drops touched the cut, I screamed. The pain was worse than before and I was sure I saw flames in the water. I pulled my hand away, which hurt a great deal and glared at the person who had pained me only to remember that it was Fabien who didn’t mean too. His eyes were filled with regret and tears rolled down his cheeks again. He would never hurt me intentionally, what was I thinking.
“Doe, I-I’m so sorry, I thought it would help, I-“
“It’s okay Fabien. Can you call my dad and tell him to pick us up from here? Just tell him to get here quick, don’t explain everything yet.”. He nodded and brought his phone out of his pocket then stood and began pacing around as he waited for my dad to answer.
“Uhm, hi, it’s Fabien. Can you come and get me and Doe, it’s an emergency. I’ll explain it when you get here. We’ll meet you at the entrance to the woods near school, just try not to let anyone see you.”, then he hung up and sat back next to me.
“Your dad said your mum would be here in about ten minutes so we need to figure out a way to get you to the mouth of the woods. Have you got any injuries on your legs?”. I looked down at my legs and through my tights, I couldn’t see any cuts, plus, the heat from my blood would’ve burnt through them anyway and I didn’t remember the blades touching my legs at all.
“Don’t think so, just my arms and chest” The slashes on my chest hadn’t hurt as much and hadn’t managed to burn through my shirt yet so I didn’t think walking would be as much of a problem.
“How are we going to get you up then?”, he asked gently. “Have you got any cuts on your back?”
“No”, I replied. I was sure of that because I’d had my back up against Fabien’s chest, my body protecting him.
“Right, I am going to go behind you and hold your back so you can push up against them and stand without having to use your arms”. He moved behind me as I nodded in agreement. I’m glad he had a plan because I could hardly think straight.
I pushed against his hands and although it hurt a little, I was sure it would’ve hurt more for me to do it on my own. It took me at least a minute to stand up and Fabien kept his hand on my back to reassure me even so.
The woods seemed brighter than they were before and occasionally, I saw flames dancing in between the trees, nearing closer to the bark but never close enough to set it alight. I assumed I was imagining it though, as Fabien never acknowledged it but perhaps that was because he was concentrating, or because he was an Ignis. I guess that was what he was trying to tell me all along, the thing he couldn’t explain.
A sharp pain in my forearm broke my thoughts and I winced. Fabien didn’t seem to notice as he was looking out to see if anyone was nearby. The registration bell must have gone because we had been in the woods for a long time and there was no one on the field. It wasn’t long until we neared the front of the woods. My chest felt as if it was on fire now, the tears in my skin affecting my breathing too, or was that the pain?
My mind was not able to concentrate on my thoughts and walking so I tripped and fell forward. I managed to spin myself onto my back just before I hit the ground, minimising the pain, but I landed on a stone, the sharpest part digging into the centre of my spine. Fabien had been unable to stop me from falling because by grabbing my arm, he would’ve caused me more pain but I still sort of wished he had tried.
He was too stunned to speak so he just slid his hands under my shoulder blades and pushed me back up. I could feel blood trickling down my back now but I no longer felt faint. I stood against  a tree near the mouth of the woods, waiting for my mother to appear. Fabien stood next to me, just in case anything happened.
“I’m sorry”, I said.
“You have nothing to be sorry for.”, he replied, his voice wavered and he made a strange expression, unable to muster a smile. Tears rolled down my cheeks again and I could feel their warmth against my skin. It irritated me a great deal but there was nothing I could do. I only stopped when I heard a car engine draw closer and my mother’s car appear out of nothing. She had driven across the field completely invisible. That was her specialty, illusions and altering reality. She rushed out the car and started towards me, her eyes wide.
“Doe? What h-happened”, she moved in closer to hug me.
“Don’t, please.” I said. It would only hurt more. She nodded and opened the door to let me and Fabien in. He sat in the back and I sat in front so it would be easier to get out when we were home. My mother then muttered something under her breath that sounded like ‘Uisus’, which in English meant ‘no sight’, a command in Wise Speak (a language based on what mortals call ‘Latin’), so I assumed we were now invisible.
Fabien began to tell my mother everything, starting with the fact that he was a Wise One. My mother gave little expression to it but it looked like she was turning it over in her mind. He then told her that I fainted and woke up with various incisions in my skin. My mother said only one word to that, “Hallucinations”. I nodded at her. “What happened this time, Doe?” She sounded concerned. I didn’t really want to say in front of Fabien because I didn’t know how he’d respond but it looked as if I didn’t have much choice so I told her.

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