Ignis and Glaciem

I am different to the other kids, in more ways than one. I mean, no-one really fits in in high school but I just feel different, though that could be down to the fact that I’m a Wise One. My name is Doe. I’m not entirely sure why my parents named me so but I think they said it was something to do with how innocent I look when I sleep and how fragile I can be...


10. Marks

“So, what books? Or should we just list them and ask our parents over tea?”, I said.
“Good plan. How you feeling now, Doe?”, Fabien asked.
“Not sure”. I didn’t want to lie to him but I didn’t want to worry him either. He took my hand, shuddered, then dropped it.
“Doe, your still ill. We’ll wait here until Faren comes back to lock the library but then I think you need to lie down for a bit”.
“Fabien, I’m fine. I’m not tired and we need to keep planning”.
“No, you’re not fine. You need to get some rest or we won’t be able to go. You’ve had a busy day and you’re ill. You’ve been injured goodness knows how many times and you were sick. You haven’t eaten anything and you can hardly stand on your own. Stop being so stubborn!”, he shouted. Tears welled up in my eyes. I knew he was upset but it still hurt. I felt sick again. Faren came back in and I ran out. I didn’t know where to go. I wanted to run from everyone for a while but there was nowhere I could go without Fabien coming after me. Unless I froze my door shut. Yes, I would do that. I ran up to my room and slammed the door, sealing it quickly as I heard Fabien run up the stairs. “Doe, I’m sorry, let me in!”, he said, trying to shove the door open. I thrust more ice at it and it made me dizzy. I stumbled and fell to the floor, a cushion of snow breaking my fall. I lay there, surrounded by the cold, letting it swallow me up. I shut my eyes for a second. I heard a noise, my door opening. I sat straight up. Fabien stood in the doorway.
“How did you get in?”, I asked.
“I’m sorry”, he said.
“I know. Answer my question”, I said. I felt mean after saying it but I sort of felt he deserved it. But did he?
“It doesn’t matter. Why won’t you listen to me?”.
“I’m not saying anything until you answer my question”. I wasn’t letting him win this.
“Fine, I used fire okay?”, he replied.
“What!?”, I said.
“I’m sorry, I know you hate it but-“
“No, that shouldn’t happen. That type of ice doesn’t melt. Why are my powers failing”. I started to cry. “Hot, see?”, I said.
“Doe, I’m not sure. Do you feel warm?”
“Yes, boiling. It’s disgusting. I don’t know how you manage”. I stumbled again and Fabien ran to grab my arms. I weakened as he held me, my legs faltering. I felt really ill again. He was right, I needed rest but I was too warm to sleep. “Fabien, I need to find a way to cool down or I don’t know what. I can’t manage it”.
“Okay, uhm, can you make anything cold?”. I shook my head.
“I haven’t got enough energy”.
“Sit down on the bed. I’ll go and see it Ivory’s back”. He said, sitting me on the bed. He ran downstairs. My thoughts blurred in my mind and my skin was covered in sweat. It felt horrible to be warm. I couldn’t even describe it. Fabien ran back up, Ivory not far behind.
“Hey, how you doing, sis?”. I shook my head again, too ill to talk. “Fabien, you might want to leave for a bit. I’m going to make it as cold as I can”, Ivory said.
“I’m staying”, he said.
“I’ll look after her you know”, Ivory replied.
“I know but-“, he couldn’t think of anything to say. Ivory paused, probably wondering if he should make Fabien leave but in the end, he started. I watched him make a small icicle in his hand. He then made it bigger, threw it up in the air and blasted it with a gust of cold air. It shattered and made snowflakes, a torrent of them swirling around me. They melted each time they hit my skin. I started crying again. I was killing the cold. As the tears fell, they did not freeze. They each hit the ground, melting the snow in a circle around where they fell, making a hissing noise yet I was sure they said ‘Ignis’. Ivory stopped, realising it wasn’t making anything better.
“I’m sorry, Doe. Are you okay, Fabien?”
“Yeah, feeling cold’s pretty strange but I think I can deal with it”, he replied.
“Doe, I’m going to get mum and tell her what happened. I’ll be back in minute”, Ivory left and ran downstairs. Fabien and I stayed silent. I still felt warm, perhaps warmer than before. I stood up and started frantically looking for something to make me feel colder.
“Doe”, Fabien said. I ignored him and kept looking. “Doe”, he said, firmer this time. I looked up at him, glaring. “Everything’s going to be fine, Doe”. I shook my head, tears welling up again.
“No, Fabien, it isn’t. I can’t cope with being warm. It makes me feel… wrong. I can’t think about anything. It takes over everything in my body and shuts it down. It’s killing me, Fabien, can’t you see!?” As soon as I had said that last part, I wished I hadn’t. Of course he could see it. “I’m sorry”, I said. I started sobbing. I felt so horrible for hurting him that it hurt me. Everything was wrong. The tears ran down my face then dropped into the snow. They started making a strange pattern on the floor. I stepped away so I could see it better. I took my school shirt off in the hope to cool off. The vest top I wore underneath was thin but I still felt as warm. I tried to concentrate on the pattern. It began to swirl in ways I had only seen in one other thing, falling snowflakes, and that’s what it made. A large, intricate snowflake appeared on the floor. It was beautiful.
“Doe, turn around a second”, Fabien said. I turned so my back faced him. “Pull your hair over your right shoulder”. I grasped my hair and smoothed over to my right side. “Are you sure that in that ‘hallucination’, the man didn’t get your back, or your shoulder at least?”, he asked.
“I’m pretty sure, my back was up against you”, I replied, wondering why he was asking this.
“Well, was I holding anything hot, or were my hands warm or something?”
“No, you weren’t hot or cold at all”, I said. “Why are you asking me this?”
“Because the symbol on the floor is on your shoulder. You must have created it but it looks like a scar from a burn, like it was branded into your skin”, he said quietly. A question still lingered in the back of my mind.
“Fabien, do you think I’m becoming an Ignis?”.

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