Ignis and Glaciem

I am different to the other kids, in more ways than one. I mean, no-one really fits in in high school but I just feel different, though that could be down to the fact that I’m a Wise One. My name is Doe. I’m not entirely sure why my parents named me so but I think they said it was something to do with how innocent I look when I sleep and how fragile I can be...


2. Fabien Locke

Waking up early isn’t exactly my highest priority list. Being a Glaciem, I prefer night time because the temperature drops so I like staying up late. Unfortunately, mortal adults are too stupid to realise that teenagers, mortal or Wise Ones, don’t like getting up early, particularly to go to a place that they hate.

That aside, breakfast was nice. I had a massive bowl of cereal with ice cold milk. I love cold milk although I didn’t exactly finish breakfast quickly. After eating breakfast so slowly, I realised that I was very late and ended up rushing. By the time I ran to school, I was very warm. I hate being warm. As I said earlier, I can’t concentrate when I am warm so school wasn’t the easiest.
I’d just been in science and the boys in my class aren’t exactly the nicest so you can imagine how that went. It was not fun in any way, particularly as I know they’d just be worse if I started crying . As soon as the teacher dismissed us at the end of the day, I bolted out of the classroom and ended up bumping into Fabien. Oh, I never introduced him. Fabien Locke, my… boyfriend. He’s kind and smart and caring and just about the only decent boy I know. For being so sweet, you’d think he’d get picked on but no. He is five foot ten and very strong so he doesn't seem like someone you would want to mess with, of course, he’d never fight because he would be too afraid to hurt anyone but he still scares the rest of the boys. He has very dark chestnut hair, a little similar to mine, but his has almost no red glints in it and he has blue eyes. They’re a very strange blue, the same way mine are a strange green although that’s because I'm a Wise One, he isn’t. I guess it would be good if he was a Wise One because I wouldn’t have to hide so much from him but it doesn’t bother me at all that he’s mortal. Anyway, back to bumping into him. I tripped over his foot and quite thankfully, he caught me before I hit my head on the wall. He stood me up straight. “Are you ok?” I tucked my hair behind my ear and looked up at him. “Y-yeah, I’m, I’m fine” I replied. He opened his arms and hugged me, running his fingers through my hair. He smelled of vanilla because he’d just come from catering. I shut my eyes and the tears welled up. I started to get his shirt wet so I pulled away. He looked at me, his eyes looked worried. He took my hand and we began walking.

The sky darkened and it started to rain. That’s another thing about Fabien, he can’t stand rain or the cold. Most mortals are like that. “Did you remember your umbrella?” I asked him. He looked at me and then at the sky. “Nope.” He said. He didn’t sound pleased.
“I’ve got one in my bag, just hold it a second”. His face lit up and he held my bag whilst I passed him the umbrella. I always keep one in my bag when I’m with him just in case he forgets one, being a Glaciem, I don’t bother about rain. I quite enjoy it. “Thanks, you’re amazing” he said. I smiled.
“Do you want to come under?”
“No, thanks, I’m fine.”
“You sure?” he said with a smile. 
“So, what happened back there in science?”
“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s fine, I… it doesn’t matter.”
“You sure? I can go and talk to them if you want. Well, I can walk towards them with a stern look on my face and they can run off.” I gave a weak laugh and smiled up at him; the fabric of the umbrella covering half of his face. He had left space for me to come under even after I had said I was fine and was getting his right shoulder wet because of it. I could see the raindrops on his hand and I could see that it was irritating him, although he tried not to show it.
“You can move under the umbrella properly you know, I am honestly fine”. He looked into my eyes and when he finally gathered that I was not going to come under even if the rain turned into a hurricane, he moved under the umbrella properly.

By now, we were almost home. Fabien was coming round for tea. My parents have met him before and approve of him so at least it’s never awkward and Fabien gets along with my sisters and brother, Faren that is. Ivory just doesn’t speak, to anyone, so they ‘get along’ fine I suppose.
We walked slowly up the path to my door. It wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy the company of my family but sometimes it’s just nice to be alone together. It only took a minute to walk up the drive so I stood at the door and knocked seven times loudly. No one in our house hears the door knock so I always knock seven times so that someone should hear me at least once. I hoped someone would answer soon because Fabien had taken the umbrella down, ready to go inside, and was getting wet. He looked uncomfortable. About thirty seconds later, Sierra opened the door and let us in.
“Sorry about that!”, she said to me. She was in a happy, bright mood. I wasn’t sure why but at least she was being nice. With that, she ran back up the stairs and left me and Fabien in the hallway. I could see in the hall mirror how messy my hair was and whilst Fabien was undoing his shoe laces, I attempted to fix it. It certainly didn’t look great when I was done but it was an improvement.
When we had both taken of our shoes and Fabien had left his coat to dry near the fire, we went into the dining room to tell my parents that we were home and then get a cup of tea. I know as a Glaciem, I don’t like warm things but tea is an exception. I love any type of tea at all, well maybe not any tea, I can’t stand Earl Grey tea and I am not all that keen on green tea too, sorry, I am rambling. Anyway, my parents were sat at the table just talking. I figured they had been talking about something to do with the Wise Ones and stopped when they heard us walk in because they knew Fabien was coming round. My mother got up and gave Fabien and I a hug. My parents are like second parents to Fabien and his to me. I was very relieved when I realised everyone got along. My father said ‘hello’ to Fabien too then we walked into the kitchen.

I filled the kettle and set it boiling then sat on the side and smiled at Fabien. He was leaning against the counter and his dark hair fell in his face and covered one of his blue eyes making it hard to judge his expression but I could see that he was lost in thought. I always wondered what he was thinking and I can see that there is something he isn’t telling me but I can hardly ask when he doesn’t know that I’m not even mortal.
When the kettle starting whistling to tell me it was done boiling, it broke his thoughts and he looked at me and smiled again. I poured the water into the cups and got the milk out of the fridge and a spoon for the sugar but unfortunately, someone had put the sugar back on the top shelf and I was too short to reach. Fabien looked at me and knew what I was thinking then reached up to get it for me. “Thanks” I said, my face hidden in my hair.

When I had made the tea the way we both liked it, I handed it to him and we walked upstairs to my room. It was very warm in there, unfortunate for me but at least Fabien would be happy. We sat in silence whilst we drank our tea, listening to the rain patter on the roof of my room. About a fifth of my room stuck out of the side of the house, in like a turret shape meaning I had a curved window bit. I sat with my back against the window because it was cold and Fabien sat in the armchair facing me. I finished my tea first and got up to put it on the dresser. Once Fabien finished, he got up and took both of the mugs downstairs. I realised that I was sweating because my room was so warm so I jumped up and grabbed my perfume then sprayed myself with it repeatedly. When I heard Fabien walking back up the stairs, I shoved the perfume back in the drawer and ran to sit back on the window seat before he came in. He sat next to me and laced his fingers with mine.

We don’t exactly come across as that romantic, I mean, we don’t speak a lot when we are together but we always feel connected to each other and we feel comfortable in the silence. I was trying to think of something to say and by the looks of it, so was he but I was just so relaxed listening to the rain that I rested my head on his shoulder instead. I had only just realised how dark it was in my room with only the window for light because I hadn’t turned it on when I walked in since it only made it warmer.

I was just about to get up to turn it on when Leven shouted us for tea. Seeing as Fabien was here, she took her food upstairs. Normally at dinner, she has a candle next to her that she burns when she needs to let energy out but she can’t do that in front of Fabien so she sits upstairs. She doesn’t mind it too much but I still feel like I owe her.
When we got downstairs, the table was set with seven places. Ivory never eats with us he just grabs a plate and some food then eats in his room and as Leven is upstairs, there is space for Fabien. Fabien would sit in Leven’s place but it’s the seat furthest from mine because fire terrifies me and she has the candle like I mentioned before so Faren sits in Leven’s place and Fabien in his next to me.
There is a large range of food on the table as always seeing as I prefer cold food and everyone else prefers hot. Fabien eats both but mainly hot food, probably because he’s still cold from walking home. Dinner is never quiet in our house. Since we are such a big family, there are always at least three conversations going on at once. I don’t tend to speak much although when Leven eats with us, I speak to here every so often to keep her calm and because I don’t see her much either. My parents and Fabien ask each other about their days and Anya and Faren are talking about university. Sierra is daydreaming and smiling so I have a feeling that one of the boys in her class text her and that’s why she was so happy before. I would speak to her but I don’t really have much to talk to her about or at least stuff that I would want to talk about whilst Fabien is here so I just look at him and the way he just is.
He sits up straight but leans forward just enough so that he isn’t taller than either of my parents so he doesn’t look like he is trying to be dominant. Sorry, that’s another Wise One thing, although I never really have to worry about it being so short and neither does Fabien seeing as he’s mortal but maybe it’s just a habit. He talks with good pronunciation and doesn’t talk with his mouth full and uses a knife and fork properly. You would think that his parents were really strict but I’ve met them multiple times and they are actually quite relaxed.

We had just finished tea when there was a knock at the door.
“Anya, can you get that”, my mother said as she carried plates into the kitchen. Anya got up and walked quickly to the front door and let Fabien’s mum in. When Fabien heard her voice, he ran up to my room and got his bags then came to meet her. I wondered why he was in such a hurry as it seemed that he enjoyed being here but they said their goodbyes quickly and I rushed to hug Fabien before he left. It wasn’t very long but with my head against his chest, I could hear his heart racing. I hoped everything was okay though I had to let him go so he could leave. He gave me an apologetic smile and got into the car. I made a mental note to text him later and with that, I went back into the kitchen to help clean up. 

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