Quotes ,pictures,short stories and poems based on self harm


1. Why people cut

You know why people cut?Because it's a distraction. For one moment you don't feel all the pain, the loss, the hurt. All you feel is that razor going into your skin, the blood dripping down your arm, leg, stomach. You don't think about how alone you are or how fat and ugly you are. You don't think about the way people talk about you behind you back. You don't think about how your family is fighting out how your friends hate you. All you think about is the blood. And the addicting part? Well thats when all the hurt and pain comes back. When the cut isn't fresh and you can feel all the build up of sadness and loneliness inside you. So you have to do it again, but a little deeper so the numbness will last longer. And as the pain inside gets worse and worse. Its all about control. You have it. You can't control the pain on the inside so you get to control it on the outside. 

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