Ariana's been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.


1. Time is Passing By

Disclaimer: I do not own Ariana. I wish I did so I can hug her anytime I want.



A girl from Boca looked at her phone's clock and checked the time.


6:49 PM


She sighed and put her phone down.


6:50 PM


"You're strong, Ari. You're strong." She said to herself.


6:51 PM


"I can't do this." She said with sadness in her eyes.


6:52 PM


She sighed and tighten her grip on the knife.


6:53 PM


Her eyes started to water.


6:54 PM


She closed her eyes and a tear fell down her cheeks.


6:55 PM


She decided to sing her song, Honeymoon Avenue, to calm herself down.

"I feel like my h-heart is stuck in bumper to b-bumper, t-traffic.." She sang and cried again.


6:56 PM


She stood up and started to pace back and forth. She felt dizzy so she started to sit back down on the chair.


6:57 PM

She decided to sing another song, Human by Christina Perrie.

"I'm o-only human..I-I bleed when I fall d-down..I'm only hum-human.." She tried again but failed as she let out a another tear.


6:58 PM


She put the knife down and she sobbed.


6:59 PM


"I have to do this..I have to." She said.


7:00 PM


She held her knife again and started chopping..


7:01 PM


"Honey, are you finished chopping the onions yet?" Her mother, Joan Grande, appeared at the entrance of the kitchen.



A/n: So...I'm lame. I don't even know why I made this. Umm..yeah. Too short because of the lameness.

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