1. whattt???

andriana pov

 I heard a shriek my eyes flutter open in a second what? i gasped i found my friend madison breathing heavily wats wrong i growled angered by the fact she destroyed my sleep Ssss she stammered her eyes fixed on her phone give me the phone she still stood still not moving an arm i stood up grabbing it from her i checked her twitter acc she got a mention from wait whattt?? WHAT THE hell !!! i yelled simon cowell checked our video and loved it my hands were shaking my breathing went slow i was happy a few seconds isaw some one dm her Fromm Simon i loved your video it was amazing can u tell me where you stay so i send a limo for you to work with me just call me from this number 

Maddyy!!! simon asked us if we work with him sooo u okay with that she looked at me  are you asking me to turn my opportunity of getting famous a dream YES!!! she yelled doing her happy dances so lets call him i said we breathed in as we dialed i turned on speaker Heelo i heard a voice do i believe this is Andriana and Madison yes we said in excitment soo girl your music video absolutely amazing and if u were in the x factor i believe you will get yesses  so can you work with me in sony music he paused yess!! simon we would be grateful great where do you live he said in a brief tone we actually just moved her yesterday we stay in a hotel oh he said text me your adress and my limo will come in 5 min he said goodbye he cut the call sheesh he likes to be braggy madison said said ha true i laughed lets get ready you  dont want your dream to be over wont you noway!!! she yelled then lets move i rushed to bathroom stripping myself out of my clothes i oppened the tap letting the water flow through my hair to the rest of my body i showered in less tha n 2 min i wrapped myself in a towel and brushed my black mixed and dyed with some red and rushed out i smelled the aroma of the breakfast i openned my suitcase and chose my outfit a black and white tanktop my black skinny jeans ripped on the knee and a leather jackets i wore my clothes and found maddy stuffing her face you dont want to choke wont you i laughed i helpped myself with some pancakes and orange juice i heard hoot from a car i checked at the win dow to find a limo i gobbled my pancake maddy the limos here she swallowed and wiped herself with the pancakes i carried my pancake out of the door the receptionist greeted us with a smile i ran to the limo hey i said to the driver he was a young man hello i believe your simons clients yeah its us  he oppened the door for us i saw maddys face in shock hey we can leave you she came back to sense my fist day in a limo and its huge i cant believe we would be famous she squealed yeah famous i muttered what?? she said nothing i said snapping back to myself soo girls the driver said you are going to work with simon as musicians yeah i said luckky you guys coz im stuck to be a driver for centurys he chucked as we laughe whats your name i asked tony he said and you andrana i smiled i saw him smile at the mirror and your friend there he said reffering to maddy madison i said nice to meet you she said busy on her phone i believe we reached our destination he said in a grand voice whatsupp with the accent i said oh he chuckled that howw simon talk ha! i laughed he stopped the car maddy i nudged her her eyes popped we are here we got out of the limo and found hundreds of girls sheesh what do the want i whispered bugs me maddy whispered back we were blocked our entrance by a huge man what do you want he growled sheesh ! mr simon called us i said in a polite manner usually im not prove he growled i felt like punching him i usually wrestle im a wrestler but thats when someone called him enter he growled  thanks for nothing i muttered he shot me alook sorry maddison smiled if she ddnt i would have started a fight thats when i heard voice i looked up and saw simon coming down the stairs i looked around it was huge it had lots of romm and buzzing secretaries so so so you showed up exactly in time sure i smiled come to my office e instructed us tro a close door he oppened it and sat on his chair sit he said so we are talking serious we want you two girl working in sony if u agree he shrugged you will be famous of course we will help you write if u like your first album i smile escaped my lips and so didmaddy smilling till the corners of her mouth so lets discuss do you want to work with we will be glad if u did he emphasiss the if yeah im happy to i shrugged me two maddy squealed so where did u move from he said spinning his chair from Bradford oh he said one of my friends came from there he said they work with us you wil meet them  one direction boyband oh i said cool and you he facing maddy i came from Holmes Chapel Oh he straightened so as one of my friends he smile you sure have friends i mumbled hoping he hasnt heard it do you want a drink he said yeah i said a cup of frappucino would be gr8 i smiled and you maddy he said a mochalatte pls she smiled good he said we talked a bit and simon was cool and understand though he was braggy but a good guy umm you mind my friends coming he said sure its your office good he said texting his phone then the door oppened and i heard laughing UNCLE SI i heard as five boys pushed them-self in i looked at them and surely i saw a familiar face zayn i whispered i saw maddys eyes widened i heard her whisper Harry 






DAN DAN DAN  plz like for more drama love you 

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