The Five: A New Beginning

A story of our band. Told by RAine's, Skye's, and Iris' Point Of Views.


1. the start ( Iris )

                                                      It started pretty much as most things start out as : an idea. In truth we had thought about this idea earlier this year but it was snuffed out with a depressing logic. We all had simply too much work to do. The idea did not completely wither though. Raine brought it up again one spring day......

                                                        " I want to start a band.'', Raine said point blankly. It was in the middle of the conversation too. So it was rarely silent. Skye finally ventured on with this idea, '' If we did have a band what would we call it?''. The conversation was ignited again and here was the results :

                                 " six seconds of summer?''

                                            " No"

                                            " New Dawn?''

                                           " Eh. Maybe"

                                               " Changing seasons?''

                                                  Shaking of heads at this.

                                             " What about the Five elements?''

                                                  A respectful silence followed.

                                                         " I like the Five. Let's just drop 'elements'''.

                                             We all agreed on it, Cloud, Skye, Raine, Cat, and me, Iris, decided our name. Soon the conversation went on a completely different but, similar topic: What is the song that we will sing........


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