The Five: A New Beginning

A story of our band. Told by RAine's, Skye's, and Iris' Point Of Views.


4. Seperate Ways

After a while everything fell apart for us. For the band. Our dream of becoming music star.s was just too far in the way of our daily life and shedule and we began to practice less and  less. We began not to talk to eachother  enough. our career was hangning by a thread.....And that thread

was about to break. We all started doing whatever whenever singing random songs and never hanging out as abd anymore not even as friends hardly. it was gettting worse and worse and eventually it all fell apart and was done. the five was just a reminecance of something in the past. we finally started hanging out again but hte thougth of the five ever rejoining never crossedo ur minds it was done

it was over.


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