The Five: A New Beginning

A story of our band. Told by RAine's, Skye's, and Iris' Point Of Views.


3. Decision making

Deciding the song was more difficult task for our group. Already having come up with the name and logo we would forever go by, this was the next step. It was a much harder decision than the name of our band or designing the logo, Because we had to choose a song all of our voices were compatible with. A song, We could all sing that would allow us an easier time all staying in harmony. A song, That could express feeling, meaning, and most importantly fun. We needed something that was all that in one. we spent a Several Hours working on this issue and we finally had a tossup. A tossup between two of our favorite songs. Christina perri- Human and Imagine Dragons- Bleeding out. We decided these songs because they were heartfelt and had an amazing meaning to the both of them. Yet at the same time we could have fun singing them. 

We dont sing because were happy

We are ahppy because we sing .   - Raine Everdeen

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