Songs I've Written

Songs that I've written. Please don't steal them, if you want to use them, ask first please. Thanks!


2. What's Best

I'm clawing at the walls
Tryin' to break free
Pulling at these chains
That you've put on me
You're killing me with words
That you never said
Just wanna be free like the birds
But instead I am dead

Why do you do this to me?
All I said was goodbye
(For now)
Why can't you see?
I'm doing what's best 
For you and for me

-instrumental break-

Blood on my wrists
Rope round my neck
My stomach, it twists 
My nerves, they're a wreck
I gave you my live
I gave you my time
In return I got a shove
You turned on a dime


For me, for me, for me....

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