The Lie

~The Lie is about Hollywood Heights~
Eddie thinks Loren is pregnant but it's not true.. Loren had a miscarriage. She doesn't want to tell Eddie about the miscarriage. What will she do to hide her secret ?


2. Lovely dream

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Loren's Pov:

After Eddie asked me why I'm crying, he laid next to me. I placed my head on his chest. I closed my eyes, I was very tired. When I closed my eyes I fell asleep.

-Loren's Dream-

I was watching tv.. I looked different. I was pregnant, I had a big belly. I was probably 9 months pregnant.

When I stood up, I felt a big splash coming out of me. I looked down at the floor, there was alot of water. "Eddie !" I screamed. Eddie walked over to me. "Lo are you okay ? " Eddie asked concerned. "My water just broke" I said. "Oh my god Lo, we need to go to the hospital !" Eddie said and walked upstairs to get the bags we need. I sat down on the couch . I screamed in pain when I felt contractions. "Eddie please hurry !" I screamed. I breathed heavily, I was sweating. Eddie walked over to me with the bags. "Let's go babe" Eddie said and helped me with standing up. We walked so fast as we could to the car. When I sat down I felt another sharp pain in my back and stomache. "Eddieee.. Pleasee hurry, it hurts so bad !" I said. "I know babe , we're almost there" Eddie said and drove me to the hospital.

When finally we arrived at the hospital, they brought me to a delivery room. The doctor came in and walked over to me. "Miss Tate, I'm Doctor Brown, but you can call me Kate... it's time for you to push" The doctor said, I nodded , thank god it was a female doctor. "You can do it Lo"Eddie said and held my hand. "Okay Loren you need to push when I say Push okay ?" Kate said. I nodded again. "One... Two.. Three and Push..!" Kate said. I squeezed Eddie's hand and I pushed. "Push push push push push... Good job Loren " Kate said. I breathed heavily. "And push" Kate said and I pushed again. "Okay Loren I can see the little head. Just one big push and you can hold the baby" Kate said. "You can do it Lo" Eddie whispered and kissed my cheek. "It hurts so bad Eddie, I don't know if I can do it" I whispered and looked at him with tears in my eyes. "I know Lo , but I know you can do it. Just one last push and your done." Eddie whispered. I nodded and I pushed one more time. I screamed in pain. And then... I heard the most beautiful cry ever. The baby was finally born. "Good Job Loren, It's a girl ! " Kate said with a big smile. I had tears of happiness. "I'm so proud of you " Eddie said with tears in his eyes. He kissed me on the lips.

After they cleaned the baby, the nurse came in with the baby in her arms. "Do you wanna hold her ?" the nurse asked me with a chuckle. "Of course" I answered her with a smile. She handed me carefully the baby. I looked at the baby, she had beautiful eyes, nose , lips and hair. I kissed her forehead. "She is so beautiful, just like you " Eddie said and stroke the baby's cheek with his fingers. I blushed. "Thank you"I said. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. "She is so cute" Eddie and I said at the same time. We both chuckled. "Do you wanna hold her ?" I asked Eddie. He nodded. I handed the baby carefully to Eddie. He smiled at her. "Hey baby girl, I love you and your mommy very much" Eddie whispered to her. I smiled at the view. This is what I always wanted, a perfect family. "Eddie ?" I said. Eddie looked up to me "Yes babe ? " He said. "We don't have a name " I said. "What about... Katelynn Sophia ?" Eddie suggested. "That's a beautiful name Kayelynn Sophia Duran, I like it" I said with a smile. "Loren wake up, babe wake up, we're gonna be late " Eddie said. what's he talking about?! I'm Awake. "Loren !"Eddie screamed.

Then I realized it was a dream. I opened my eyes and saw Eddie. I was so pissed off on him. I had the best dream ever. "What ?!" I said harshly. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to wake you up, we need go to Moms and Pops, remember ? " Eddie said shocked at my outburst. I looked at the clock.. 8.02 am. And we have to be there at 11. "You know, I had the best dream ever and you wake me up while we have 3 hours left. " I said still pissed off. Eddie looked confused "What do you mean with 'best dream ever' ? What did you dreamed ?" Eddie asked me curious. I looked down at my hands and blushed.

"I dreamed about us having a baby girl, she was so cute and beautiful .Her name was Katelynn " I said and smiled at the thoughts of having a baby girl. Eddie looked at me and smiled. "Lo.. That's gonna happen soon, or it's gonna be a handsome boy" He said and kissed my belly.

I wish it was true Eddie.. Unfortunately it's not gonna happen... I can't have kids. I wanna cry right now.. But I can't Eddie is here with me and I'm not gonna cry. I have to stay strong.

-15 minutes later-

I was making breakfast while Eddie checked his Twitter on his laptop. "Babe breakfast is done !" I said. "Ok. I'm coming, just one last tweet to our fans" Eddie said. I placed the pancakes and syrup on the table. I grabbed a pancake and put it on my plate and Eddie's plate. "Hmm.. It it smells delicious " Eddie said and sat on the chair. I smiled and took few bites of my pancake. Suddenly iIfelt nauseous..

I stood up and ran to the bathroom. I trow up. How can I trow up when I'm not pregnant ? Ohh.. Then I remembered what the doctor told me. She told me that my body still thinks I'm pregnant, but I'm not. After a week or two weeks my body is back to normal. "Babe are you okay ? " Eddie asked me concerned and rubbed my back. "Yeah.. Just morning sickness " I lied. "You know, that is a good sign.. " Eddie said. "What do you mean ?"I asked confused. "I mean that this means you're still pregnant" Eddie said. "Of course I'm pregnant... ! " I said harshly. "I'm sorry babe.. I didn't mea-" "It's okay Loren, I understand" Eddie interrupted.

I stood up and brushed my teeth quickly. I walked with Eddie back to the kitchen. "I'm not hungry anymore"I said with a sigh. "Me too" Eddie said "But you took just one bite" I said and hopped on the counter. "I know, I'll eat later something" Eddie said. "Ok babe, but I'm gonna take a shower " I said and hopped of the counter. Eddie nodded and kissed my cheek. I walked upstairs to the bathroom.


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