Broken Angel

The title pretty much sums it up. I'm a broken angel and this is my story.


7. Everything I Didn't Say

This is everything I didn't say.

You're oblivious. So oblivious to the people around you. The ones who care about you. Who love you.

Like me.

I don't know what else to do to prove to you just how much I love you. I don't think I've ever loved someone so much in my entire life. If you could just give me another chance to make it right because it seems like everything I'm doing is wrong or just not good enough for you.

What is it that you want? I'd do anything to be back in your arms. To be yours. But I know that's not possible because your heart is with someone else or just not turned in my direction.

Maybe you don't understand how much I truly love you. I've probably loved you more than those bitches before but you can't see that. You just don't understand. I'd never hurt you like they did. I'd never let you go. I'll love you for as long as you need me.

This is not some sort of crush or obsession. It's full blown love and I don't know how to fucking control this damn feeling.

Every fucking night I go to sleep thinking about you. Every fucking morning I wake up with you on my mind.

I don't know what else to do or say. I just feel like giving up. I thought I could work things out with you, but that's just a stupid dream that I wish could come true.

But you still don't understand.

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