Nothing to lose

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  • Published: 3 May 2014
  • Updated: 1 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Close your eyes. The monster is coming.


1. Nothing to lose

Another Lightning flash followed, the thunder furiously roared .The storm arrived without a warning. Everyone in Kingston High is helplessly trapped. Rain pour down non-stop and it was already 6 p.m. slowly the shadow come alive and everywhere went dark. From 318 down to 2, the remaining 2 need to get out cause time don’t wait for wait for anyone.

“Ella comes on!” Josh shouted as his sister was running out of breathe. The two was running fir their life. They can’t stop now, not with the shadow creeping after them.

“You not the one wearing heels!” she replied and tried to catches up with Josh. More lighting flash and another shadow were born. This time however it was different. It sound so near it was right next to them. The atmosphere grew winter cold and the oxygen inside the building started to decease.

Fear and tension began to rise as the children arrived at the hallway. Shakily Josh holds Ella hand securely.

“Promise me” she whispers quietly. Scare clearly written all over her face.

“To what?” he ask. He too starts to feel scare but being the older brother he can’t show it.

“Never let go” Josh did not reply he just hold her hand a little tighter.  Silences had taken over now but still their heartbeat quicken every second. Its pitch black now and none of the children know where they are. Loudly the floor board creaks. The shadows are around them now. All of them are hungry, starving to be exact. One of the children smiles fearlessly and evilly at the shadow. ‘It’ was working for them.

Ella swing Josh toward the shadow and as expected, it ripped him apart and swallowed him bit by bit.

“Now” she smiles. “Now I have nothing to lose”

The glowing sun happily rose and now she could see the scene. Blood was splashed along the use to be silver wall; bones were left scatted around the floor and the shadow monster return to its place. Ella glances at the floor.  Josh’s watch was still on his skeleton wrist.

“You never had a sister Josh” she bend down and removed the watch carefully, she then out it on her pale wrist.

“But I once had a brother like you” Ella whispered and return to her original form. A  porcelain doll.

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