Thicker Than Blood

Katherine Langley thought she was ordinary until the day she hurt her sister and she discovered exactly who she is. Discovering she is a changeling, Katherine must keep who she is a secret from her sister at all costs. But when her biological parents kidnap Katherine she knows it is her chance to put an end of their darkness.
Victoria Langley has been left in the dark, with her sister missing and her brother AWOL she doesn't know what to do. Until she starts asking dangerous questions that put her life in danger, under the protection of Alek and Tyrone, an unlikely duo who only care about keeping Victoria safe, Victoria knows she will do anything to get her sister back but entering the world of darkness is easy, it's leaving it that is hard and if you do you are never the same again.


3. Vanishing



I heard Katherine cry herself to sleep last night, I tried to comfort her but she just wanted to be alone, I tried asking Arthur if he knew what was wrong with her but he didn’t know neither did Dylan. Dylan was up early and Arthur drove him to the airport, he was going to France for a six week soccer tour program, I had said my goodbyes the night before but I heard Katherine get up earlier than usual to say goodbye. Slipping on my dark skinny leg jeans, knee high boots, leather jacket and throwing my hair up, I headed for the garage where my bike was parked, Katherine was already there, wearing jeans under her short dress, helmet on and ready to go. 
    “Wow, this is a first” she just shrugged and sat behind, there was something off about her, “last night, are you sure you were ok?” I asked even though if she wasn’t she would say she was, 
    “Yer, I’m sure” I felt her heart hammer into my back, she was lying which made me even more worried about her. I drove without a helmet today, feeling safe again, I took off driving as fast as I could, feeling the wind whip my face, I drove into the parking lot just in time for the alarm bell to sound that the gates were going to be closed. Parking in my usual spot turning the engine off Katherine hops off, freeing her blonde hair from the stuffy helmet. Stripping out of her jeans she throws them under the bike seat along with the helmet. Stripping back my leather jacket I chuck it in my bag until I get to my locker, I turn to see Alek standing beside his truck looking straight at us. Moving his head to gesture we go to him or more like Katherine got to him,
    “Since when are you and Alek friends?” I asked, she just shrugged and walked on over. I stared until I started to feel uncomfortable and walked into school, turning down corridor after corridor; I finally came to my locker with Tyrone leaning against it. His smile was evil, one I had seen before but only once. Pushing off he let me in, 
    “What are you doing here, Tyrone?” he giggles in between his teeth, shoving my jacket into my locker and slamming it shut, I face him, 
    “I’m here about yesterday, when you tried to stop me from taking your sister back to my place” scowling I took a step towards him and he didn’t budge, keeping eye contact I noticed the bystanders staring at our confrontation, seeing where our emotions of hate towards each other would go. 
    “Katherine went with Stacey yesterday, I would never let her go home with you, you self – righteous jerk” I whispered, we were so close I could feel his heat on my skin. 
    “Alek does good work” he mumbled before pressing me to the locker and crushing his lips onto mine. It felt like acid was being poured down my throat, hot tears stung my eyes and the red car of Daniela’s/Stacey’s turning into Tyrone’s silver jeep. Katherine’s black eyes and the pain she caused me came back for a second before it was all gone and so was Tyrone. I saw Alek first, shock all over his face, Katherine’s eyes hardened for a second before they went into confusion. I remembered her eyes, the black holes, how she managed to make me feel pain beyond anything I could have imagined. My lips tingled, as I stared at everybody they moved on, Katherine stepped closer but I just turned around not fully sure about what just happened, it was like a screen was burnt to reveal the real picture but how the screen got there and how Tyrone removed it were mysteries I intended to solve. 
I’ve been avoiding Katherine all day, she’s tried corning me, blocking me in the bathroom but I couldn’t escape when the home bell sounded. She met me at my bike, her jeans on and helmet in hand, her face blank, 
    “Are you ok?” remembering the last time she asked that question she was asking about when she hurt me, how she got a look of pure evil in her eyes. I hadn’t remembered that, in fact Alek did something to make me forget everything, at least for a while, even before Tyrone kissed me I had started to remember his car not Daniela’s.
    “You betrayed me” she flinched at the words, “the whole time I tried to stop you from going with him, I’m your sister who protected you your whole life, and then you let Alek, What? Drug me so I wouldn’t remember? Well guess what I remember, I remember everything” fixing my bag so it sat properly, Katherine swallowed her fear and her eyes grew slightly darker
    “I’m sorry ok? I didn’t mean to hurt you but you should stop babying me all the time, I’m only a minute younger than you but you act like I’m thirteen and need protecting but I don’t anymore, you’re the one who needs protecting” she shouted so loud everyone in the parking lot stopped and stared. Turning back her eyes were normal and my heart that had sped up was still hammering against my chest. Tyrone walked passed us, several cars away, he had paused when he heard Katherine’s rant and stared at us.
    “Whatever, get on” I told her, swinging my leg onto the seat, when her feet were up and hands on my waist, I took off with the eyes of everyone following us.  I didn't think I was in any state to drive my bike but I made it home in one piece but it didn't feel like home. Katherine and Arthur tiptoed around each other and when I asked if something was wrong, Arthur came up with some bullshit excuse and Katherine would exit the room. I knew they were hiding something from me and I was getting pretty pissed off about it, first everything with Katherine and Tyrone, now Arthur was keeping secrets. 
That night the air seemed different, colder and foreign, I didn't know what it was but it felt like something was going to happen. Little sleep was coming, I would shut my eyes but Katherine would be there, in her menacing state, dark eyes and super strength, the pain would return and I would jolt awake. I can't explain what happened, maybe she was just really angry, well that is what I was going to keep telling myself anyway. Through the darkness of sleep that finally came I heard hushed voices and a muffled scream, but I’m too far gone to wake up.
"Victoria!" I jumped awake, the sun was shining through my room, warming up my comforter and bringing what light it can to brighten up a not so bright room, 
    "Victoria!" I heard the shout again. Racing out of my room in nothing but my cami and booty shorts, Arthur comes barging out of Katherine's room,
    "What? What is it?" I shout, panicked by the look on his face, I tried to read him to get anything from him but he just stood there staring at me,
    "Katherine's gone" he said breathlessly, stepping closer he stepped aside so I could get into her room, at first I thought she might have gone for a run or a walk, my second thought was she snuck out last night to go see Tyrone but all those disappeared when I saw her room. There was not a thing left standing, her canopy had been knocked down the feathers from her pillows were still trying to settle to the ground, scratch marks covered the closet and window sill and on the floor where her chairs and bedside table was over turned was a pool of blood and a blood trail leading towards the window.
    "Oh no" I felt tears prick my eyes and I collapsed to my knees at the pool of blood and just let the tears fall, "No" I screamed and kept repeating it over and over again, I didn't know what was going on but I couldn't handle the fact my sister was gone and the blood didn't help.
    "Calm down Victoria" Arthur shouted emerging into the room and holding me, he turned my face into his chest so I didn't keep looking at the blood, my tears soaking his shirt
    "It's my fault" I sobbed into his shirt,
    "What? How can this possibly be your fault?" he made me look him in the eyes, 
    "I heard them, I heard it last night, I couldn't get to sleep because I kept having nightmares, but then I eventually did get to sleep, I heard hushed voices and a muffled scream but I thought I was just dreaming it or making it up. I wanted to sleep so bad I made any excuse not to get up and it cost Katherine" Arthur looked me over before pulling me to my feet, 
    "We're going to get through this, we will find her" he said, 
    "We have to call the police" I say but he just shakes his head, I don't understand, 
"Why?" I practically shouted, "What about mom and dad? What about Dylan?" Arthur pulled me out of the room and practically dragged me downstairs. 
    "This is no random kidnapping Victoria, this was planned, like every family this family has secrets and I can't tell you because it will put you in danger, you're not ready yet. But trust me on this we can't get the police involved, no humans can know. Mom and Dad will be notified by me and only me you got that?" he looked at me until I nodded, not out of compliance about out of fright, Arthur was really scaring me. He let go of me and I just stood there as he grabbed his jacket, my bike helmet and keys, 
    "Where are you going?" I managed to force out of my mouth, 
    "I have to go see someone, I might be gone a while just please Victoria, stay here and don't answer the phone or door to anyone. Do you understand?" I nodded again and I didn't bother to stop him, he wasn't going to give me answers so I had to find them myself, starting with Alek and whatever the hell he did to me yesterday.



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