Thicker Than Blood

Katherine Langley thought she was ordinary until the day she hurt her sister and she discovered exactly who she is. Discovering she is a changeling, Katherine must keep who she is a secret from her sister at all costs. But when her biological parents kidnap Katherine she knows it is her chance to put an end of their darkness.
Victoria Langley has been left in the dark, with her sister missing and her brother AWOL she doesn't know what to do. Until she starts asking dangerous questions that put her life in danger, under the protection of Alek and Tyrone, an unlikely duo who only care about keeping Victoria safe, Victoria knows she will do anything to get her sister back but entering the world of darkness is easy, it's leaving it that is hard and if you do you are never the same again.


2. Angels and Demons



I had no idea what had come over me, Victoria was my sister she would do anything for me and I had hurt her, I don’t know how, but the look in her eyes the way she coward away from me, I had made her afraid. Victoria was never afraid, she was the brave one, I went to her when I had nightmares, and she sat with me when Dylan was rushed to hospital because he had stopped breathing. She’s the one that cleared the monsters from the cupboard and sang me to sleep when I had nightmares, she was my angel, and she kept the demons away now I was the Demon. 
Something dark had risen up inside of me; I had no idea what it was or how I struck so much fear into my sister that she coward away from me. How I delivered such a blow to have her grit her teeth in pain not being able to recover in an instant and why did Alek try to stop me from going with Tyrone? Why did he stand up for my sister?
I had no idea what had happened but Alek had followed me, he had followed me right to Tyrone’s house and before I could even get out of the car he had thrown Tyrone to the ground and chucked me into his truck. So at the moment I am in the passenger seat of Alek’s car, I was too afraid to say anything and I was waiting for him to say something first. I was too scared to feel angry, I knew that my anger had changed and I was kind of afraid of it so I was hoping it wouldn’t show. 
     “I’m sorry” he finally said, his eyes remaining straight, like he refused to look at me, 
     “For what part?” I kept my eyes on him, twisting my body so my back was leaning up against the door. “Taking away my virginity? Never speaking to me afterwards? Having feelings for my sister? Throwing Tyrone on the ground? Kidnapping me?” I rattled off everything that he had done to me, I wasn’t sure which part he was shocked at, but i’m pretty sure it was me figuring out that he was developing feelings for Victoria. 
     “All of it” he replied, I wasn’t ready for that, I got a bit upset by him saying sorry he slept with me, but happy that he said he was sorry for ignoring me. 
     “Alek, what’s going on?” he turned the corner and I realized he was taking me home, 
     “I’ll tell you what you need to know” he kept checking the review mirror as if he thought we were being followed.
     “You are not human, Victoria is not your sister, and you are not a part of their family. Tyrone can’t be trusted, if you must talk to someone about this talk to Arthur, he can tell you more and explain everything. You need to lay low for awhile, your biological parents are looking for you, and we need to keep you hidden. You can’t talk to Victoria about any of this, do you understand?”I started hyperventilating; I didn’t understand anything he was saying, 
     “Victoria’s not my sister?” what was I talking about; Alek was on drugs or something he had no idea about my family. “You’re crazy, I have baby pictures and a birth certificate I am Katherine Langley, twin sister of Victoria Langley, unless you can prove otherwise and prove that I am not a human. You need to leave me alone” he pulled up beside my house and I didn’t waste time in getting out, I soon found myself running for the sanctuary of the foyer for mom and dad and Victoria. 
     “At least talk to Arthur. Katherine you’re dangerous, you can’t be around Victoria you’re putting her in danger” I kept running as fast as I could until I was in the comfort of the front foyer. Tears blurring my vision I looked up to the empty house, the stairs that spiralled to the second floor and footsteps coming from the Screen room, 
    “Katherine is that you?” appearing from around the corner was Arthur, wiping the tears away I ran until I was engulfed in his arms, “What’s the matter?” he whispers into my hair, forcing the tears back I step out of his hold, 
    “Just a fight I had with Victoria, where is she?”
    “Upstairs, last I checked she was sleeping” he answered, flicking my mind back to this afternoon, the pain I had caused her,
    “Was she ok? She wasn’t in any pain?” I asked, 
    “Other than being a bit confused and a headache she seemed fine. She didn’t mention a fight though” he scrunched his eyes in his signature scrutinizing glance when he realized we were hiding something from him. 
    “I’ll go see her” turning and running for the stairs. Bursting into Victoria’s room she was in the foetal position on top of her neatly made bed. 
    “Victoria” I whispered crawling onto her bed, she mumbled and turned over to face her bed head, “Victoria!” I shouted and she startled awake, yawning she looked at me, 
    “What? Why was I asleep? I’ve got study to do?” she jumped off her bed, I scanned her body, taking off her top so there was only her bra, there were no bruises, she seemed fine. Slipping on her Pyjama top as she always did to get comfortable so she could study, 
    “Are you still mad?” I asked waiting for her to practically burst into flames and incinerate me; instead all I got was a confused look, 
    “Why would I be mad?” I thought she might be playing some kind of angle but there was no seriousness in her eyes or evil smile on her face, 
    “About me leaving school with Tyrone?” she stopped and I waited, and waited, 
    “That’s a funny one” she smiled, “You leave school with Tyrone, like I would ever let that happen. Besides I saw you get into Daniela’s car” 
    “Daniela? She’s visiting her dad in Australia, she left last week” I wanted to go on but I thought back to what Alek had said, not to talk to Victoria about anything, I thought he was insane, he must have done something when he raced over to her, Arthur……I had to speak to Arthur, what had Alek done to her? 
    “You must of seen me get into Stacey’s car, she got one just like Daniela, you know how she is, always wanting what Daniela has” I tried to sound as casual as possible but I could see Victoria saw right past it there was something not right about her, something Alek did or I did that made her not remember, that healed her. 
    “I’ll let you study” walking out of the room I find Arthur standing outside it, jumping with freight at the sight of him he just smiles, 
    “So I hear she’s awake” I nod trying to slow the beating of my heart,
    “Alek called, I think you and I should have a talk” I didn’t like the sound of it, but Arthur held out his hand and I took it wanting to know why everybody was acting so weird and how I was able to put so much fear into the sister that protected me my whole life, the girl who laughs at horror movies who faced the haunted house that you could see perfectly from town sitting on top of the hill. Who saved a little boy from drowning in the river, who was almost raped by Tyrone and I didn’t believe her, I saw the pain and the hatred that filled her expression and I called her a liar. Arthur led me down and under the stairs to a small room that was built beside the basement; you could hear Dylan in the other room playing his Xbox with his online buddies making too much noise for us to be heard. Flicking on the light the room lit up, Weapons lined the walls, swords, daggers, axes, spears, cross bows, bolts, and on one wall was a computer screen that had a screen saver that said: Silver Hunters, with two swords crossed over each other. 
    “What is this place?” I kept close to the door so I could make a run for it if I needed to, 
    “It’s my safety precaution” Arthur moved over to the computer and pressed the screen, showing several moving images of the house and I registered it to be security cameras, “Alek told me your talk didn’t go so well” turning back to me, he seemed like he was in his element, which to me was weird, 
    “He tried to tell me I wasn’t human and that Victoria wasn’t my sister, but he’s crazy” I said more to make myself feel better, 
    “Is he?” Arthur asked pushing off from the wall and gesturing for me to sit, he wasn’t acting like the brother I grew up with, he was much more formal and scary. 
    “He has to be, I mean I’m not dangerous and I was born, ok granted I did scare Victoria today but that was an accident, I was angry…” I trailed off when I noticed Arthur was just staring at me, his eyes boring into mine like they used to when he told me how much he loved me, but this time it seemed like bad news and his eyes turned sad. 
    “What Alek said was true” he stopped gauging my reaction, I flicked my eyes to the floor, “When you were just a baby, you’re real parents swapped you for real Katherine, Victoria’s real sister. You’re a Changeling, it’s a process these creatures go through to make sure they have the best upbringing.” He paused again but this time I spoke, 
    “These creatures? What do you mean?” he just sigh and stood, walking to the computer screen he tapped it a few times in different spots and pictures appeared, some were hideously deformed and bent out of shape, some were small, some rather beautiful, 
    “Demons” he spoke pointing to the them, “Fairies, Nephelim, Trolls, Vampires, Werewolves, Shadow-weevers, ghosts, Banshees, Dryads, if it’s in a fairy-tale, it’s here” I stood and looked at the photos, 
    “You think I’m one of these?” crinkling my nose when I landed on the Shadow Demon that was big, ridged back and pointed teeth, 
    “You’re parents are King and Queen of Serpent Wood which we know as Wake Forest, they rule over all the Demons that reside in this world, most of them, live here, blending with society, some we can’t even see at all but they’re there” 
    “This is too much” backing towards the door I turn to leave but Arthur grips my arm, 
    “Not until you learn everything, being here you put Victoria in a lot of danger, if you truly love her, you will find a way to protect her” bringing Victoria into the conversation was a hard hit to the chest, again someone else tells me I’m a danger to my sister, I walked back over towards the screen and stood quietly while Arthur started up again, 
    “You are a princess, with very strong Demon blood, your biological parents want you back because you are the key to opening up a portal that leads to Purgatory, a place demons of the vicious kind are sent by the Angels to be cleansed and return purified. You’re parents found a way to open a portal using real Katherine’s blood but you must be the one to drain her, if that happens it’ll be hell on Earth.” I almost felt like throwing up, sitting down and sticking my head between my knees I processed everything he was saying, 
    “I would never” I mumbled trying to hold back the lump in my throat, 
    “Not even to save Victoria’s life” I stopped, everything came back to Victoria, why?
    “Where does Victoria fit in?” I ask, Arthur narrowed his eyes, 
    “She’s your sister, your parents wouldn’t even give her a second thought but they would threaten to kill her or worse send her to purgatory where she’ll be ripped to pieces by the demons if you don’t open the portal. We are the descendants of Angels, not nephilim, we have angel blood inside of us and it places a heavy burden upon our family, your parents could have easily stolen Victoria but they didn’t they stole Katherine, fate wanted Victoria to live to grow up so she is important and we must keep her safe.” I really was going to be sick, bolting from the hidden room I managed to make it to the toilet in time to throw bile and everything else up, I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t do it, this was all too surreal, I wouldn’t let any of this happen, none of what was spoken about can happen. The reason I hurt Victoria, scared her, I was a demon, and I was going to hurt her again. I was thankful when I remembered Dylan was heading to France tomorrow; at least I wouldn’t be forced to hurt him. 



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