Thicker Than Blood

Katherine Langley thought she was ordinary until the day she hurt her sister and she discovered exactly who she is. Discovering she is a changeling, Katherine must keep who she is a secret from her sister at all costs. But when her biological parents kidnap Katherine she knows it is her chance to put an end of their darkness.
Victoria Langley has been left in the dark, with her sister missing and her brother AWOL she doesn't know what to do. Until she starts asking dangerous questions that put her life in danger, under the protection of Alek and Tyrone, an unlikely duo who only care about keeping Victoria safe, Victoria knows she will do anything to get her sister back but entering the world of darkness is easy, it's leaving it that is hard and if you do you are never the same again.


1. American Beauty



The English movie was coming to a close and I moved my arm to nudge Katherine awake before Mr Henry turned the lights back on. She made a soft snorting noise before her eyes fluttered open and I giggled, she had been becoming more tired lately, I’ve heard this isn’t the first time she’s fallen asleep in class, it’s coming to the point where mom and dad have to be dragged to school. 
    “Let us see” I could tell Mr Henry was going to direct this one at Katherine, she’s become his main target since this whole sleeping epidemic started. “Miss Katherine Davis?” she grabbed my notepad and discreetly moved it in front of her, I always take notes on the movies, “What was your favourite scene in this movie?” We had been watching American Beauty for our self discovery chapter. There were many other better choices for this topic but it’s in the curriculum and I heard the school  board thought it fitting to help us better understand sin and the consequences of our actions, but really it was just a movie that people could bludge in. 
    “I would have to say the beginning” typical Katherine. 
    “Why?” Mr Henry stood at the front of the class, leaning up against the white board, his eyes peering at her through his glasses. Since his divorce he has had nothing better to do then pick on and torment his English Lit students especially Katherine. 
    “Because, it introduces all the characters and their personalities, that should have some relevance to the topic we are studying, shouldn’t it?” I looked back and forth from Mr Henry to Katherine in his ping pong game about the movie. I could see he wanted to call her out but the bell sounded and Katherine couldn’t help but plaster a vindictive smile on her face and aiming it straight at Mr Henry. 
I leant across my table to grab my notebook, 
    “You’re just provoking him, you know?” she shrugged and stood waiting for me to put my books away. Katherine was one of the prettiest girls in the town of Wake Forest, North Carolina that technically makes her the prettiest girl on the campus of Wake Forest – Rolesville High. She has platinum blonde hair that is more on the white side, bright sapphire blue eyes with fair skin. She wore your basic multicoloured shorts and tank tops, we were completely different in every way, given we’re twins it seems weird. I have auburn hair that fell in nice waves down my back, eyes that are more the colour of a sheet of ice then of grey, with sun kissed skin, I am also tall and curvy, Katherine is lean and skinny. Katherine hates the hot temperatures we get but she has no problem with getting hot and sweaty with guys, she has lost her virginity, it was to the new guy at this school, he’s been here nearly a year but we still classify him as new. Alek Dane, apparently transferred here from somewhere over near Ireland, but his accent was weird, I’ve never heard a proper Irish accent but his seemed like a mixture of accents all rolled into one. Every time Katherine passes him in the hall she gets butterflies, she’s been crushing on him ever since that night at the Walden’s Bonfire. He is extremely attractive, dark blonde hair that swept across his face covering his eyebrows. His constant wearing of V-necks whether it be black T-shirts or blue sweaters that clung to his god like body, with loose hung jeans, that sat on his perfectly curve V sex line hips. He was good looking on the eyes but I heard he was stuck up, like all rich hot guys are. He barely gives Katherine a second glance in the hallway which makes me hate him even more, well more than I did when I found out he de-flowered my sister. And unfortunately for me, Alek’s locker is two down from mine so I have to put up with him more than I want to. 
    “If he can’t take the heat then he should be the one to give up” we turned down hallway after hallway until finally we came across the bright red white and blue of her locker. She hit it with her fist and it swung open, revealing her many fashion ideas and quotes she lives by, plus a mirror and place she puts her make-up for touch ups. 
    “Mom and dad don’t want to have to keep coming into school every time you are caught sleeping during class. I’m only in Social Science, P.E and English Lit I’m not in your three other classes” I explained, 
    “Right because you do senior Chemistry, senior biology and Senior Extension Physics.” She had a problem with me doing all the major courses in school, I wouldn’t say I liked doing them, but I just got them. 
“Face it, Vic, you got the brains and...I got everything else. I won’t be home tonight either” she slammed the locker shut and spun around. Her eyes drifting away, I turned and saw the infamous Alek Bane walking down the hallway, noticing us then keeping his head down. I looked at Katherine and every inch of her was in goose bumps, she liked him so much but he wouldn’t even give her the time of day. She finally came to and rolled her eyes as if she just suddenly with no warning thought him unworthy of her time, she flicked him away with her hand and turned to face me. I kept on staring at Alek, he raised his eyes and paused for a second, my eyes looked right into his and it was as if he was contemplating something, before turning down the hall. 
    “W-why won’t you be home?” I asked recovering from whatever just happened, 
    “I’m going home with Tyrone” everything irked me about that name; Tyrone had a reputation, a reputation I did not like. I slammed my hand into her chest and pushed her against her locker, 
    “Are you insane? Please tell me it’s not the Tyrone I’m thinking of” she stared at me wide eyed, I had never laid a hand on her before, I retracted it and waited for her to answer. 
    “I’m not insane and it is the same Tyrone, the eighteen year old senior who lives by himself while his parents are on their business trip in Switzerland” she seemed sort of giddy about that fact, she rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet. 
    “All he wants is sex” I whispered furiously
    “I know” that took me back, “and i’m going to give it to him” I was speechless, I was never speechless. I was furious, I wanted to say something but nothing came out of my mouth, “I’ve done it before, now I know what I’m doing” 
    “What happened to Alek? You were all caught up in him and now it’s Tyrone?” I said his name with as much disdain as I could.
    “Please, Alek won’t give me the time of day so I might as well move on to something that is actually going somewhere. Did you know that you lose three hundred calories by having sex? Or was it three thousand?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; I could barely look at her and as if he had been there the whole time, Tyrone steps in front of Katherine like I wasn’t even there. 
    “You ready to go” she nodded with a gleam in her eye and swung her bag over her back, I knew I had to act fast; I wasn’t letting her go home with Tyrone. I followed them outside and the parking lot was nearly empty, except for the football/basketball team, my motorbike, Tyrone’s jeep and Alek’s Ford Veloci-Raptor. I made one last desperate attempt at stopping Katherine from going with Tyrone but she just ignored me, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I walked around to the driver side where Tyrone had opened the door and was doing up his shoes. He turned to me as if he were going to insult me in a way to make me run off and forget about Katherine but before he could get a word in; I grabbed his shoulders and rammed my knee into his groin. He keeled over on the ground, 
    “You bitch!” he managed to get out through his clenched teeth, 
    “Victoria!” I turned to Katherine, who was looking at me with disbelief, 
    “Tell me how he performs now” I looked back down at him as he was still holding his prized possession, eyes burning full of hatred as they stared back up at me. I used every power within me to refrain from punching him to the ground, I managed to turn around and walk steady but fast paced back to my bike. 
    “Victoria!” I turned around and Katherine was stamping her feet, her face nearly red, she marched over to where I sat on my bike. 
    “How dare you do that?” her blue eyes were going black and I could see something inside of her, something dark that was going to burst through the surface, she was no longer her perky little pixie like self, she had turned dark, evil almost. She went to touch me but I jumped off my bike and out of her reach, she scared me and this is the first time she has ever scared me, seriously scared me.
    “Katherine I’m your sister, I’m supposed to look out for you and you having the idea of going to have sex with that tool needed my interference” she growled and I could see her teeth were sharper now I was really scared. 
    “It was none of your business” I tried to refrain from scoffing;
    “You made it my business when you told me!” I shouted at her, not holding anything back, 
“I wasn’t happy when you told me about your little fling with Alek but at least he left it at that and he’s a decent guy, Tyrone is a loser, a tool it wouldn’t have gone anywhere Katherine, I’ve known him my whole life” I knew I was just angry that Tyrone was going to have sex with my sister, that he could even think about it after what he tried to do to me. 
    “You just don’t want me to be happy” her stare had gone hungry like, she looked at me like something to eat, not her sister. I saw something in the corner of my eye and it was Alek coming out of the science building, his eyes immediately went to mine before he realized what was happening. 
    “No I don’t want you to be forced to have sex like I was” everything left, the evil, the darkness, even her teeth had gone back to normal.
    “What do you mean?”
    “I never told you, but when we were at Jackie Marks Party last year, I was the girl Tyrone set his eyes on and when I didn’t put out he tried to force me. Fortunately, Henry Phillips was having the same thought and walked into our room with another girl, when he saw what Tyrone was trying to do he pulled him off me and Jackie kicked him out” I moved around my bike so I was in front of her, I wanted her to see everything he did to me, feel from the emotions on my face. 
She looked at Tyrone who had only just started to stand again after my well placed knee hit his dick and when she looked at him it was like everything she had started to believe had fled and she got angry again, 
    “You’re lying” I stepped forward, but her arms extended and her palms connected with my chest like a force I’ve never felt before but was similar to jumping off a building and landing on the pavement. I heard a crack and I could barely understand my surroundings. All I saw was Alek, running towards Katherine, but she still got in the car and then was gone, I wasn’t keeling over on the ground but I needed the bike as a resting post, it felt like my chest had shattered and it had pierced my heart. I found it hard to breathe and my vision was going blurry, 
    “Victoria, how much pain are you in?” I looked up to Alek standing beside me,
    “I...can’t...breathe” I managed to get out, “What...just...happened?” Alek cupped my head in his hands and forced me to look at him, 
    “Listen to me, the pain will go away, this will all go away, you just have to stay awake and listen to me” I nod not exactly paying attention to his words because of the pain that was growing. I looked him in the eyes, his jade green eyes seemed to pulse and I didn’t quite understand what was happening. 
“You will not remember anything. Katherine is staying over at Daniela’s, I was never here, and Tyrone was never here, you never got broken ribs, never had loss of breath. You are going to drive home on your bike and go straight to your room and fall asleep” I thought he was a lunatic everything seemed so wrong with what he was saying, but then I started to slowly believe him, until I believed him fully. I felt normal, perfectly normal, Katherine had gone to Daniela’s place, and I remember her telling me.
I blinked a few times, to get rid of the fuzziness and then realized I was the only one still standing in the parking lot. I turned and hopped on my bike, I noticed the helmet on the handle, I never wore a helmet that was always Katherine, she swore she was going to crash and she didn’t want to get her face scratched or have the wind frizz her hair. The image of Katherine getting into Daniela’s car flashed into my mind and put me at ease, until Daniela’s Volvo transformed into a silver Jeep, her face flashed in my mind, the dark face, the teeth, the black eyes, the evilness in her words. I remembered the pain, a jolt went through my chest and I was out of breath for a second and then in the next second the pain left and my breath returned. I had no idea what to make of everything that was playing out as a jigsaw in my head, but I slipped the helmet on just in case, I wasn’t in the best head space.
As soon as I got home, I saw that mom and dad had already left for their three month trip to Africa so I wasn’t sure if my little brother was home or not, he was in middle school, eighth grade, with him heading to France tomorrow for a soccer tour I thought he should be home with family before he left. I checked the door and it was open, so I walked in, 
    “Dylan! Dylan? Are you here?” I threw my bag down near the door; our house was one of the bigger houses in Wake Forest, our backyard is the forest. I looked up the stairs to the second floor but he didn’t pop his head down. I moved slowly making sure my boots didn’t make any noise on the tiles. 
    “Victoria” a voice sounded, it was a boy’s voice but it wasn’t the voice of Dylan, I crept even more slowly down the hall way until I came to the screen room which is just a technological term for lounge room. A million scenarios were running through my head but before I could pick the best one, Arthur rounded the corner making me jump, “oh, there you are” he said, I just smiled and flung my arms around him, 
    “What are you doing back so early?” Arthur was my older brother, he left for college last year and we haven’t seen him since. 
    “I kind of dropped out” he said, 
    “What? Mom and dad are going to flip out when they find out” he nodded, 
    “I know, so I was hoping you would tell them so I can just catch the back fire” I folded my arms in front of my chest and cleared my throat to make my ‘you should man up’ speech but he stopped me before I could get a word out. 
“Fine, fine, I’ll talk to them, but can you please be there?” I rolled my eyes before nodding, I couldn’t exactly say no. 
    “You’re lucky you have three months to work out how to tell them” he just smiled,
    “Where’s Katherine?” Dylan appeared from behind Arthur, his brown mop covering his eyes and freckles covered his nose, he was so adorable. 
    “She’s with...” I was going to tell him but I couldn’t exactly answer him, I had no idea, I remember her getting into Daniela’s car but then the image transforms to the silver jeep of Tyrone Armstrong. “I think she’s with Daniela, I only heard a mumble before she took off” I decided to lie, I don’t know why, but something happened to me, I didn’t remember half of the stuff from today, I don’t remember why I was staring blankly down a hallway yet I felt certain emotions, and I didn’t remember Tyrone, yet his car was in the picture. Dylan shrugged and walked back into the screen room and walking straight through to the kitchen, but Arthur was someone completely different, he knew me better than anyone, except for Katherine. He could tell something was up, I could see it in his eyes but there was also some recognition and a secret he was keeping so I wasn’t going to push if he wasn’t going to let me.
I eventually got some free time and made it up to my room, cherry wood floors, soft white rug in the middle of the floor with a double bed built into my wall of glass overlooking the forest, the grey walls were accented with reds, blues and aqua’s, I just collapsed on top of my bed, head in hands I stared out into the forest, it looked so quiet and peaceful. The wind blowing through it, I opened the windows to let the air into the room and then I heard a sound like a scream but it rode the air, it was distant but I still heard it, it was coming from the forest, but before I could react something came over me and my eyes closed on me. 


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