My crazy boyfriend


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Hi I'm Maia, I'm 16 and a half years old, I live with my crazy boyfriend(I'll explain later, oh also he doesn't go to school), I drink but I don't smoke I have lots of friends and guys always hit on me, I don't know why, I'm just passing school because I don't really care about school, my best friend who I love like a sister is Isabelle( from my other movellas), she is so supportive, we always hang out together. I love to party like Isabelle but I don't get as drunk as she does, my mum kicked me out for hanging around Isabelle and my crazy boyfriend so that's why I live with him, my dad loves me for who I am. Ok so back to my crazy boyfriend, I call him crazy because he abuses me hurts me he forces me to do what he wants and worst of all I can't leave him because I love him to much but I don't want to love him. Ok so I meet this kind sweet hot looking guy at school and we start hanging and then I start falling in love with him but then my boyfriend finds out and does something unspeakable.

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