Lexi is mad. Mad because her family was torn apart. Her loved ones scattered to the wind. But Lexi is also heartbroken. Heartbroken because she may never get the chance to be with the one she loves.
Aaron is disappointed. Disappointed because his life turned upside down. All the happy things were shaken from him and now the only thing he has left to hold on to is the knowledge that Lexi loves him.
Lexi is begging. Begging for Aaron to stay.
"But things don't always work out." He says. She knows this is true. She just doesn't want to believe.
"I love you." She says.
"I love you too."

*inspired by the song 'Forever and Always' by Parachute*


8. Seven

One thing I learned at my first funeral is that the funeral itself is really for the living.

It's for the family members and friends of the decease to come to terms with the death. To accept the fact that they will never get to see their friend or loved one again. And that they will only live on through stories, pictures, and memories.

People cry at funerals. For selfish reasons. They cry because that person is no longer there give them what they need and fill the void in their chest. Instead of celebrating the life that was lived they mourn because it's over.

Aaron's funeral wasn't any different. Everyone was in tears. Except for me. I had finished crying. My eyes were incapable of producing any more tears. That benefited me greatly. For instance I could speak without a wobbly voice and there weren't mascara stains running down my cheeks.

Aaron's mom on the other hand, was a wreck.

She barely go two words into her eulogy before she had to be carried from the podium by Aaron's two older brothers.

I felt bad for her. Although I had lost the love of my life, I had no idea what it was like to lose a son. To have the title of 'I am a mother' stripped down to 'I was a mother'. I can't even imagine how painful that must be.

Before the funeral I had written down what I wanted to say, word for word, but when I got up to the podium I couldn't bring myself to read what I had written. I was about to tell some 100 people about my relationship with Aaron. But they wouldn't understand. They wouldn't understand how it felt to be the one who he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I decided that I wasn't going to let these people into our little world. This was going to be our secret and our love story was going to die with us. As all love story's should.

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