Lexi is mad. Mad because her family was torn apart. Her loved ones scattered to the wind. But Lexi is also heartbroken. Heartbroken because she may never get the chance to be with the one she loves.
Aaron is disappointed. Disappointed because his life turned upside down. All the happy things were shaken from him and now the only thing he has left to hold on to is the knowledge that Lexi loves him.
Lexi is begging. Begging for Aaron to stay.
"But things don't always work out." He says. She knows this is true. She just doesn't want to believe.
"I love you." She says.
"I love you too."

*inspired by the song 'Forever and Always' by Parachute*


5. Five

"Hello?" The voice says on the other end of the phone. Before I can say anything, Chase bursts through the door.

"Aaron!" He yells. The three of us look at him as he walks towards the hospital bed. 

"Dude, you are kinda interrupting something." Aaron informs him. I try to hold in my laugh. Even when Aaron is lying in a hospital bed he can still be his normal self.

"Oh. Sorry. Do you want me to leave?" He backs up towards the door.

"No, no. Stay." I grab his arm. He smiles and sits in the chair next to me. 

My hand is still clutching the phone so I press it to my ear.

Everyone is looking at me as I speak. 

"My boyfriend Aaron was in an accident. He is in the hospital and we want to get married. Do you mind saying a couple verses? It doesn't have to be much." I ask. It's the chaplain.

"Of course."

I put the phone on speaker and set it on the bedside table. I grab Aaron's hand and look into his eyes. My vision blurs as I start to cry.

"Will you promise to love each other through sickness and in health? Through good and bad?"

I squeeze Aaron's hand. "I do,” I say. I look at Aaron, he is crying too. "I do,” He says

"Now you may kiss the bride."

Since Aaron is too weak, I lean down and touch my lips to his. Everybody's laughing as the tears fall on the floor and I say, "I want you forever, forever and always. Through the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll grow old together and always remember whether happy or sad or whatever, we'll still love each other. Forever and always"

Aaron nods. "Forever and always" He says. Then he begins coughing and the beeps get slower. The nurses all leave to give Chase and I some time. I just sit there holding Aaron's hand. His mom bursts through the doors, her eyes red and puffy from crying. "Aaron" She says walking over to the side of the bed.

"Hi mom" He says weakly. "You missed our wedding,” He laughs. He looks at me and I smile.

"Oh baby I’m so sorry. You will be all right. I promise,” She says stroking his cheek.

I am still holding Aarons hand. "Do you want me to leave and give you two some time alone?" I ask. Aaron looks at me, panicked, and shakes his head. "No. Stay." he says coughing, squeezing my hand tighter.

I look at his mom. "Is that ok?" I ask

"Yes of course Lexi" She says. I smile and look back to Aaron. His eyes are getting droopy.

"Alright sweetie. I’m just going to go get some coffee. I will be back before you know it." She says and kisses his forehead. Aaron nods and she gets up and leaves the room. I can hear her crying as she walks down the hall.

"I'm going to go wait in the lobby and give you two some time alone. Hang in there bro." Chase says as he gets up.

"I'll come get you when we're ready." He nods and silently leaves the hospital room.

Aaron looks up at me. "I love you Lex,” He says and I smile, thinking that maybe this will all be over soon and then Aaron and I can have a real wedding. I can be dressed in a beautiful wedding dress. I want to see Aaron standing there as I walk down the aisle. We would hold hands as the big man wearing a funny tux reads some lines. We will both laugh and say, "I do" before he is even finished. He will slip the ring on my finger and I will do the same. The funny man will start to cry as he says, "Now you may kiss the bride". Aaron will kiss me and my eyes will flutter close. Our honeymoon will be somewhere far away and when we get back we will be even more in love with each other than we were before we left.

Although that might never happen. I like to try and keep my thoughts positive but in this moment I am finding it really hard. I wish there was someway to cheat death. To make sure Aaron stays on this earth with me. I want to walk hand in hand until the very end.

But the beeps are getting to slow; His voice is almost to low as he says "I love you forever. Please just remember even if I’m not there, I’ll always love you, forever and always."

I lean down and press my lips to his. Aaron kisses back but I can tell that he is weak. When I pull away tears are streaming from his eyes. He squeezes my hand and looks up at me. "Lex I wish I could stay with you forever but sometimes things don't always work out. You know that I will always love you and I will always be with you, right here,” He says putting a finger on my heart. I grab his hand and hold it to my cheek. More tears are coming. As slowly kiss the tips of his fingers, Aaron takes a deep breath and when he exhales his eyes slowly close.


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