Lexi is mad. Mad because her family was torn apart. Her loved ones scattered to the wind. But Lexi is also heartbroken. Heartbroken because she may never get the chance to be with the one she loves.
Aaron is disappointed. Disappointed because his life turned upside down. All the happy things were shaken from him and now the only thing he has left to hold on to is the knowledge that Lexi loves him.
Lexi is begging. Begging for Aaron to stay.
"But things don't always work out." He says. She knows this is true. She just doesn't want to believe.
"I love you." She says.
"I love you too."

*inspired by the song 'Forever and Always' by Parachute*


7. **Authors Note**

Hey Guys! 

Wow, that's tough to read. I literally cried while I wrote this. 

I hope you all are enjoying this so far, besides the fact that Aaron died. I'm sorry. 

And sorry the chapters are all so short. That's just how I decided to write it.

Some of you reading this probably don't know the story behind this Movella so I'm going to share it with you.

A couple months ago my boyfriend Aaron was in a bad car accident. While I was in the hospital I heard the song 'forever and always' for the first time. I immediately fell in love with it. I also really related to the song. It almost perfectly described how I found out and my reaction upon arriving at the hospital.

Fortunately, Aaron is alive and well and I'm so thankful that he's still in my life.


I've decided to share this story with you all on here except i've added a twist. This Movella is based off my experience with the song and with Aaron although some parts of this story are straight from my imagination.


I hope you enjoy the rest of this Movella. It's coming close to an end.

Comment and tell me how you like it :)


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