Traveler (Harry Styles F.F)

There are people in this world with extraordinary gifts, we weren't asked to be special, We were just born that way.

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Cover made by: Me


6. Chapter 5

Rachel's POV:


I looked at the map that was on the back of my schedule and made my way to the girls dorm.


My room was on the 3rd floor, room 300. Once I reached the top of the steps I was out of breath, I should of used the elevator.


I put the key in the key hole and unlocked it. The room was kinda plain, the walls were a grey color and tan, there was a big window and you could see the whole school from up here. The room was pretty big- big enough for two people- but there was only one bed, a really big bed. There was a door, I assume was the closet so I walked up to it and opened it. I was right, it was the closet, not a walk in closet but it was big.


I don't have that much clothes but it will soon change when I go shopping. there were dressers where I could put more clothes in. Wow this room is really big. Maybe I can add a big plasma screen tv and a couch with a coffee table. I'm surprised I don't have a roommate.


I teleported back to the hotel I was staying at and grabbed as much of bags I could and teleported back to my dorm and put them down and went back to the hotel and grabbed my other stuff and then teleported back to my dorm, that was now full of my belongings


After an hour I was finally done putting my clothes in the closet and drawers. I don't have class today, since I'm new and they told me to get settled in my dorm and then I will start the next day.


So all I need to do is buy bed covers and other things i need for my dorm, when ever I have enough money I'll think about the couch and tv. This will be like my man-cave...Well woman-cave. You get it.


I grabbed my keys and phone and locked my dorm and this time I went towards the elevator. I pressed the first floor and the doors shut.


Then the elevator went down and stopped, that was quick. I checked what floor I was on as the doors open, the second floor. Then someone got on and pressed the first floor. Once again the doors closed and the elevator started


It was quiet, I felt like I was being watched and I turned towards the girl who entered she looked like she was thinking.


'Ive never seen her before' she thought


after all these years I learned how to control my mind reading, like I can shut it off and turn it on when ever I want. So I turn it on from time to time.


"Are you new?" The girl asked curiously


"Yeah I just got here" I said


"Oh, welcome I'm Madeline" she said sticking out her hand and I shook it "I'm Rachel"


"Nice to meet you, where are you heading off" Madeline asked


"I'm actually going to go buy some things for my dorm" I said, then the elevator stopped and we both walked out


"Oh cool, i would show you where to buy the best things but I have to get to class right now. Maybe I could stop by your dorm later and show you around" she said smiling


"Yeah sure, uhh third floor room 300" I said as we separated ways


"Great I'll see you later, nice to meet you Rachel" Madeline said as she walked the other way


"You to" I said and walked out the door, then onto the busy streets


I got a taxi and asked him to take me to the closest place to buy the things i need. Once I got there I walked in and looked for the blanket sets and other things ill need for my room.




once i got everything i needed i called a taxi and he helped me put in the desk and chair i bought, then he helped me take it out once we got back to the school, i should of gotten a wagon, how am i going to carry all of these things


I dragged the boxes and bags behind some bushes and made sure no one was around and i teleported to my bedroom and back to pick up the chair and bags.


I took out the hangers out the bag, the blanket set, some pens and pencils and any other supplies that i bought and dumped it on the floor.


I opened the box for my desk and took out the instructions, alright how do you put this thing together?


A desk and a chair later i finished putting it together, the desk was pretty heavy to move alone, i should of gotten one with wheels. I focused my mind on the desk and it started to move with my mind, i put it in one corner and then pulled the chair under it


"There we go" I said to my self and pulled out my laptop and set it on top, then I picked up the mess I made on the floor and put it in a neat order on my desk.


I also bought a bean bag, I plopped right on top of it and took a quick break, this is pretty comfy


I don't feel like getting up so I used my mind to do my bed. Once I finished I started to unpack my clothes, I put some close in the closet and folded others using telekinesis and put them in my dresser.


It looked weird in here, clothes was flying around. It looked like invisible people were helping me set up my room.


I heard a knock at the door and it broke my concentration, which made all my clothes fall to the floor, great now it looks like a mess


"Coming!" I yelled as I jumped over my clothes, I saw a bra laying on the floor across the room, so I used my mind to make it go in my drawer as I opened the door.


Who could it be?


Then I saw a familiar face, the one that was in the elevator with me this morning, what time is it now?


I smiles and welcomed her in "hey Madeline, come in." I said moving to the side so she could come in. She waved as then she came in and I shut the door


"Whoa" she said and her mouth was wide open


"I know, sorry about the mess, it looks like a tornado hit my room" I laughed


"No I mean Whoa, your room is huge compared to mine!" she said "and my room looks like this all the time, it's ok" she said laughing at the last thing she said


"Oh" I laughed "aren't the other rooms this size?" I asked confused


"They are but I have a roommate and with all our things in there it looks small, and now that I look around you don't have a roommate" she said looking around


"Here let me help you clean up" she said and picked up some clothes from the floor


"Oh no it's ok you can leave it I'll do it" I said reaching for it


"No, really I want to help, plus if we get done quick I can show you around the campus"


"Alright, thanks" I said and we started cleaning up


Finally we were done after twenty minutes "alright let's go" Madeline said and walked towards the door


I got up and followed her, oh my phone! can't forget it! I made sure she wasn't looking and I made it come flying into my hand and then I followed her to the elevator





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