Traveler (Harry Styles F.F)

There are people in this world with extraordinary gifts, we weren't asked to be special, We were just born that way.

Keep reading to find out what happens

Cover made by: Me


5. Chapter 4

Sooooo!!! prom was on friday 5/23/14 and it was amazing!! i had so much fun. if you guys want to see pictures follow me on my instagram which is @fatima_91395 or kik me at @FatimaMadrigal

I got my make up done at MAC, which is a store for makeup and then i did curls in my hair, which didnt last very long :( 

here is a link of me in my dress and makeup.... well the profile if how i did my makeup and hair so yu can see it there, ill post the link in the comments below so you guys can check it out along with my instagram page.  (my dress)  (hair and makeup)   (me and my sister)  (me and my cousin)

once prom was over, at like 11pm my dad took us to McDonalds and got us food then we went to my house and we all slept over and we watched a scary movie, called Oculus, which was boring and i feel asleep through the whole movie lol so i had no idea what was happening.

The next day after prom my sister, my cousin and my friend, timmy (my sisters date) went to six flags and it was fun! but it started to rain, and then it stopped and it rained again, it was a bipolar rain lol. 




Rachel's POV:



I teleported out of there as fast as I could and I landed in front of my apartment building , I landed on the ground, I got up and dusted myself off.


I ran into the building getting multiple stares, someone came up to me an asked if I was ok, I nodded and kept speed walking to my apartment room I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my face was dirty and had a few scratches. My knee was bleeding and so was the corner of my eyebrow.


I cleaned my cuts then left the bathroom.

My arm was hurting real bad from when I fell on it tumbling down the hill.


I packed everything in bags and I found boxes and put as much things as I could, I pulled out my laptop and bought a plane ticket to London, I need to get out if this country. They wouldn't think to look over here.


I use to live in New York, now my new home will be in London.


I paid my last bill and told them I was moving out and I did everything I had to do to move.


I will come back for the rest of my stuff once I find a house in London. I had enough money saved for one. I was planning on finally moving out of this place before it I guess now is the time to get out and leave.


I grabbed my bags, I carefully picked up my handbag with my left hand because that was the one I landed on when I fell.


Then I left the building and got in a taxi to the airport.





Once I made it to London, I was worn out, and the time difference made me even worse


I got on a bus and sat there, I didn't get off until I knew the perfect place to get off and then I read a sign that said 'welcome to Cheshire'


I felt like this was the perfect place to get off at. Once I was off the bus I got a taxi and asked them to take me to a hotel for the day.


Tomorrow I'm going to a boarding school, I figured that will be better than a public school. And I could live on the campus so I don't have to move around a lot.


I also need to find a job, so I could pay bills and once I'm out of school I could buy my very own house and a car.


I don't really need a car when I could just teleport anywhere I want, But that will just make it look a little suspicious.


Before he took me to the hotel I told him if he could take me to the bank so I could exchange my money to there money and then he took me to the hotel.


I paid him for the ride to the bank and to the hotel. Then I walked in and got settled for the day.




The next morning I got up early and left to the boarding school. I thanked the taxi man once he dropped me off. Once I get to know this place more I won't need a taxi and I could just teleport where ever I need to go.


I walked up the steps of the school, this place is really huge. I was confused and didn't know where the office was so I walked up to a red haired girl, I could already tell by the way she was with a group of guys and girls that she was "popular"


"Excuse me can you-" I was cut off by her looking me up and down then walking away, a bunch of her friends following behind. That was rude


I sighed, please don't let this start again, I don't want to be the weird girl once again, I came here to try to start over. Ever since I left New York last year I kept moving around, I never really stayed in one place.


But this place makes me feel safe, I don't know what it is really but something just makes me feel like I'm suppose to be here, like I'm being drawn here


I turned around to walk the other direction but I bumped into someone, there books were going to fall out of there hand but I slowed down the time and caught them before they fell "I'm so sorry" I said to the person


I looked up towards the person, he was pretty hot. He had brown hair and brown eyes. "I'm sorry to, I should if watched where I was walking"


"Oh" I remembered I was caring his books "here you go" I handed it to him "sorry again"


"Oh right thanks, nice catch by the way" he said smiling


I smiled back "oh I'm Liam, Liam Payne by the way"he said


I took his hand and shook it "I'm Rachel Blackwell"


"Are you new" he asked


"Err... Kinda, I'm looking for the office, so I can officially be a student here" I replied


"Oh I'll take you" he said smiling "follow me"


"Thank you" I said following him


"No problem" he said


We arrived to a room, I assume was the office "here it is" Liam said, I really have to get use to his accent, everyone's accent actually


"Thank you so much" I said again


"It was nothing, I'll be seeing you around. Bye Rachel" Liam said waving


"Yeah, bye Liam" I watched him walk down the hall, then I entered the office and got everything ready



Once I was done, I stepped out the office with a schedule and keys to my new dorm. I wonder if I have a roommate... I hope she's nice


I am officially a student here. Let's see how it goes.


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