Traveler (Harry Styles F.F)

There are people in this world with extraordinary gifts, we weren't asked to be special, We were just born that way.

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Cover made by: Me


4. Chapter 3



Rachel's POV:



And this is where I have been living, for two years, Until now


I'm 18 now and I just moved to London, I accidentally used my powers in front of the whole cafe and everyone saw, I don't want people to come after me


I don't want people to ask questions. Do you know what they will do to me if they got there hands on me!?


They would probably kill me or capture me and torture me or do experiments on my body, to see how my body works, on what makes my body different on what makes me different.


Do you want to know what happened? Well it started off at school



** 1 year back **



This was my third year, 11th grade, junior year, I was 17. I managed to make at least a couple friends.


Well, I was sat with the outcasted ones, they mostly came to me and sat with me and ever since then they would talk to me.


There were at least like ten minutes left until lunch was over. We were sat, we just finished eating the disgusting slop they call food.


I never really did the talking, they mostly did I just listened. I would listen to there conversations, many different conversations were going on


On one end they were talking about a dance we were having


And on the other end where I was sat, they were talking about a game, that I had no idea what it was.


In the corner of my eye I saw a metallic object flying across the room, I followed the object and found that is was a bunched up ball made out of aluminum foil.


Three guys at different tables near mine were throwing at each other making a right triangle. I got a little nervous, I don't know why maybe because I didn't want to get hit with it. So I ignored it and returned to the conversations


Bianca, the girl in front of me stopped talking and I felt a presence next to me, I turned toward the stranger with blonde hair and blue eyes asked "can you hand me that" he asked Bianca


She rolled her yes and kicked the aluminum ball across the other side of the room. "No because you hit me with it"


I didn't realize it hit her because I was zones out when it happened.


There were 4 minutes left for next period, I listened in the conversation again "I can't believe the dance is in 2 weeks" Desiree said next to me "I bought my dress-" the aluminum foiled ball landed in front of her almost hitting her


Another person came to get it and she started yelling at him and he grabbed the ball and left laughing ignoring her yells, I rolled my eyes at his immatureness


The bell finally rang and I dumped my tray, trying to get passed the students, but they were to slow or stopped in mid walk.


I groaned and walked past them, shoving past some kids, some shoving me back.


As I walked, I saw in the reflection of the vending machine in front of me someone getting ready to throw something at me so I turned quickly just as the object -which was a small cup of orange juice- had been thrown towards me


I used my instincts, which was to mentally push the juice out the way, so I did just that and the juice went flying back towards the guy who threw it.

It spilled all over him.


I heard gasps and my eyes widened, it just processed in my head that I just did that, everyone backed away from me, even my "friends"


I gulped and ran out the cafeteria, l feel like that's all I do, run out of this cafe.


I started hearing everyone's thoughts "did she just do that" , "How did she do that"


I hid in the janitors closet the whole day, I can't let anyone see me after what happened.


Just as I saw the time, it read 2:00 school was over, I quickly left the closet and walked down the hall, listening if there was anyone in the hall. Clear


As I walked out the door to walk outside to the bus, I was pulled away, before I got to scream a hand was covered over my mouth and I felt myself being dragged away from the busses section towards the parking lot


I was shoved in a car, then I saw James, the guy who threw juice and his two friends, Ryan and Drew


James was driving, Ryan was in the passenger seat and Drew was sat next to me. (Drew is a girl)


"What the hell!" I yelled


"Shut up!" James yelled


"Where are you taking me" I spat


He didn't say anything, no one said anything, he just kept driving and driving


It was getting dark out and we were in the middle of no where. I would teleport out of here but I can't risk that again.


It was 7 at night, the only stops he made was to fill up the gas and use the bathroom, while they left me in the car with Drew to watch. James must of drove for hours


There were lots and lots of trees, I was beginning to get scared, no one would notice me missing, no one would care. I didn't have anyone, I couldn't trust anyone and no one tried to be my friend they all just coward away or didn't talk to me because I was the weird girl.

I eventually got use to being alone.


I decided to read there minds, but they weren't thinking anything, they just sat quietly "where are you taking me" I asked again


"That's for you to find out" James said evilly


'She's not going to see what she's got coming' I read Ryan's mind


My eyes widened before I could stop myself from talking I blurted out "what am I not going to see what's coming"


I saw James eyes on me through the rear view mirror, Ryan looked at me in shock and Drew was looking at me weirdly


'I didn't say that out loud did I' Ryan said again in his mind


"No you didn't" I said looking at Ryan


"What the hell are you talking about" Drew said


"What did you say" James said angry "who told her"


"I didn't say anything, no one did" Ryan said


Just then I felt the car come to a stop, James was out the door and so were the other two


I felt my door open and I was pulled out the car and dragged into the woods


"Where are we going" I said as he dragged me up a hill


I gulped as I saw a cliff come into view. "Let go of me" I said trying to get out of his grip


But he just gripped onto me even tighter, then he turned me around so I was facing him, he grabbed onto my shoulders and pushed me closer to the edge


"Please" I whimpered "let me go"


"How did you do that" he yelled at me


"Please!" I pleaded, I couldn't think I was to preoccupied on holding on to James for my dear life


At that time I didn't know what he was talking about, I was scared out of my mind to think.


"Answer me!" He yelled in my face shaking me and picking me up so I dangled over the edge


"I- I don't know" I lied


"Come on James, she learned her lesson" Drew said nervously and scared she, well they would get caught


"Oh no she didn't" he said staring into my eyes, more like my soul


Before he could do or say anything I kneed him in, the worst place to be kneed If you were a guy.


He let go of me and groaned in pain, I pushed past him and ran


"Get her!" James yelled to Ryan


He chased after me and I fell down the hill, tumbling down. Ryan and Drew were carefully running down the hill, James right behind them


Ryan and Drew picked me up off the floor and dragged me towards the car


James opened up the truck and pulled out a rope, I pushed Drew off of me and kicked Ryan on his shins and they both let go.


I slowed down the time, James was walking really slow towards us, but I ran down the street, the time returned to normal and I glanced back as I ran


They looked confused that I was gone then Ryan pointed towards where I was and they ran in the car and started it. My eyes widened and I ran faster.


James drove full speed, he was going to hit me but I teleported out of there before I was hit.



Drew's POV:


James said he was only going to scare Rachel and teach her a lesson, he didn't say anything about coming in the middle of no where to scare her by threatening to push her off a cliff


As James made us get in the car, he started driving full speed down the road where Rachel was running, he was trying to hit her


"What are you doing!" I yelled "are you going to run her over"


"She needs to get taught a lesson about messing with me" James said


"Just because she embarrassed you in front of everyone, doesn't mean you can go and try to kill her" I said


"Yeah, c'mon James she learned her lesson, slow down and let her go." Ryan said "we are far away from where she lives it will take her all night to get home if she walks, just leave her"


That only made James step harder on the petal, he was so close to hitting her when suddenly she disappeared, all that was left was a gust of leaves flying around where she stood


"Where did she go!" James yelled


Ryan and my mouth were wide open along with out eyes, how did that happen. What just happened



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