Traveler (Harry Styles F.F)

There are people in this world with extraordinary gifts, we weren't asked to be special, We were just born that way.

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Cover made by: Me


3. Chapter 2

Rachel's POV:

My headache got worse by the minute, the voices were getting louder and louder, I couldn't stand it anymore so I ran out the back of the lunch room.

I ran into the bathroom and leaned up against the sink looking at myself in the mirror

"What's wrong with you" I said to my self

I splashed water onto my face, the voices were finally gone and my headache was slowly going away

I dried my face with a paper towel and threw it away. Just then someone walked in

Two girls, whom I don't know. Just stopped what they were saying once they saw me.

I was looking into the mirror and I saw the blonde girl motion to her friend, she moved her head like she was pointing at my direction then I heard a voice "that's the girl"

Why am I hearing these voices, did she say that?

Her friend looked at me and cringed.


I walked out the bathroom, no longer wanting to stay in there and decided to roam the halls

I saw security checking for passes and I turned around and walked the other way back to the cafeteria, since I had no pass and I didn't want to get caught

As I walked in everyone's eyes were on me once again, I looked at my phones clock and saw it was 10:42 one more minute until the bell rings

The voices were back and they were getting louder

All the voices were taking about me, I knew it. They all kept saying the same thing "she's weird"

"Stop calling me weird " I yelled and everyone else who wasn't staring before, was now staring

I ran out the lunch room once again and ran to my free period class, I decided to stay outside where no one was there to talk about me or even look at me

That's when I realized those voices that I heard in my head were other peoples thoughts, I could read there minds, that's how I knew they were taking about me. But how is this possible

And ever since then I had to learn to live with It and people calling me weird or any other names.

When I was 16 I discovered I could stop time,

My step-dad was going to throw the closest thing, which was a frying pan, he could find at me and I put my hands up in defense and closed my eyes

I waited for the impact to come but it never came, I slowly opened my eyes and he stood there frozen, a angry expression on his face as the pan stood frozen in place, in mid air.

I was shocked but quickly moved out the way and ran to my room just in time to hear the pan hit the ground.

I didn't know what was going on with me and I was scared.

At school I got teased and I didn't have any friends, sure I talked to people sometimes, but I don't think they are friends.

I had friends before this started happening and once it started they thought I was crazy and they didn't want to be seen with me. Great friends they were.

A few months later I found out I could move things around with my mind. I was going to grab my brush, to brush my hair and it almost fell but it stopped in mid air as I went to reach for it at the same time.

I watched the brush move upwards onto my hands, I've practiced all of these powers every time I found them, I would get better every time.

Then two months later the scariest thing happened, I was downstairs getting beat by my stepdad, he pushed me to the ground, I was pushing him away from me trying to get him to stop hitting me

I froze the time and moved out the way just in time his fist hit the ground, he looked confused and saw me across the room in a corner

He got up and was going to charge at me, all I thought was "how am I going to get out." I wanted to go to my room

And suddenly I was in my room, I landed on my bed. I heard a crash from down stairs, I guess my stepdad, mike ran into the wall.

He kicked me out that day, he didn't even let me get any of my things, he didn't even let me say bye to my brother.

I didn't know where to go so I kept walking and walking until I made it to a bench and sat there.

I sat there for hours debating on what to do.

It was dark out, around the time Mike goes to bed. So I teleported to my room, I had a rough landing this time and fell to the floor.

I grabbed as much if my things that i could and stuffed them into a bag. I grabbed my money I had saved up and money my mom left for me, that I found one day while cleaning. I quietly snuck into my brothers room while he was sleeping and I kissed his forehead

I found myself saying the same thing my mother said to me when I was young "you be a good boy" I cupped his cheek just like mum did to me, I heard a noise from downstairs "I have to go now, I love you" then I gave him a kiss good bye. "Goodnight squirt" I said calling him his nickname for the last time.

I teleported to a apartment, it wasn't very good looking but I needed a place to stay so I went in and got a room I could afford.

When I walked to the door, I opened it the room was plane white, it smelled disgusting, the paint was chipping and there were weird, dirty stains in the carpet.

This will have to do, for now. I need to find a job. I put my stuff in the drawers and cleaned up a bit making it some what livable.

And this is where I have been living, for two years, Until now

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