A Diamond in the Rough

After the death of her mother, Violet Silvermoon get abused by her step dad and bullied at school. When new students start at her school and become her first friends, strange things start to happen. Violet goes through friendship, self discovery and maybe even love. What happens when Violet finds out a huge secret about her friends and that things are not what they seem.


10. Chapter 9: Hell without the Devil

Violet's POV:

It has been three days since I've been to school. Three days since my last beating, Three glorious days since "He"has been home. I have never felt more content than I have been these three simple days, but I know it won't last. He always comes back. After all the Devil can't leave Hell unattended.

I've spent my days off from school healing, watching bad soap operas on the TV and stuffing my face with anything eatable. It is now Saturday and I'm currently sitting on the couch eating ice cream, watching a spanish soap opera. Don't judge it was the only thing on.

Anyway most of my bruises have healed and my ribs are no longer broken. All I'm waiting on is the broken leg, which should be fine by Wednesday. You're all probably wondering " how, broken bones don't heal that fast" but ever since I was little I've healed twice as fast as normal. That particular fact has always been a blessing and a curse. On one hand it cut the healing time in half and the awful bruises didn't haunt my skin as long, but on the other it has been one of the main reasons my "father" has never been caught.

Don't think I haven't told anyone because I have. They just never believe me. Franco always covered the truth up by saying that I'm a compulsive lier. Which of course everyone believed. I gave up on getting out of this hell about three years ago when I learned that the beatings got twice as bad when I told. I learned to wear a fake smile and keep my mouth shut. I know the beatings will be twice as bad as normal when he returns so I'm drinking up the solitude while I can.

My thoughts wandered away from the monster that I call "dad", to my new friends. "They probably forgot about me"I thought solemnly. After all I only spent one day with them. They probably moved on with there lives. The twins could easily make it in the popular crowd, with their charm and good looks the girls would eat them up.

As for the rest of the group another clique would accept them with no problem and I would go back to being the sad loner girl who gets bullied. I sighed shaking out all the negative thoughts closing my eyes for a nap.

Monday Morning....

I woke up on the couch where I had been sleeping for the past couple days, for it was much more comfortable than my lumpy mattress, and made my way upstairs to my room. My leg still hurt a bit and I was still limping but it no longer needed to be in the cast.

I quickly got dressed in my best cloths which consisted of a long sleeve purple shirt and black skinny jeans that were free of holes. I wrapped my leg and grabbed my bag before heading downstairs grabbing an apple off the counter. I finished eating my apple, threw it out and headed for the door. Before I stepped outside I took a quick glance in the mirror noticing I filled out and looked a lot healthier with all the food I've been eating.

I didn't look anorexic anymore but I looked lean and slim and had a glow to my no longer bruised skin. I smiled liking the improved me, but it was quickly wiped off my face as I realized it wouldn't last. He would come back and I would soon be forced to hide myself with hoodies once again. I walked out the door shaking off the bad mood before power walking to school, wanting to get there early to get any work I had missed.

By the time I reached the school my leg was starting to hurt and my limping had gotten worse. I made my way to the doors walking through the empty hallway going to all the teachers and collecting all my missed work.

When I was done it was nearly time for school to start so I made my way to my locker depositing all the books I didn't need and grabbing all the supplies I would need for the morning classes. Just as I was shutting the locker I heard my name being called.

Assuming it was someone that was going to make fun of me, I pretended to not hear it and continued on my way to class. I heard footsteps behind me, it sounded like more than one person. "Oh God, please don't let them bother me" I screamed to myself.

I heard them stop and a female voice said my name again. The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't tell from where until two whiny voices said "don't you wanna be our friend anymore?" I slowly turned around being cautious incase in was a joke.

I turned around facing my friends who all had relieved smiles on their faces. Me giving them a wide grin was all it took for the twins to launch themselves into my arms. Their muscular arms came around me squishing me in one of their famous bear hugs.

I surprised everyone there, even myself by wrapping my tiny arms around their massive forms, returning their hug. I missed getting hugged and feeling the love that came with it. "I could get use to this" I thought smiling happily at my new friends.

...But we all know it's calm before a storm and I had a feeling one was coming our way.

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