A Diamond in the Rough

After the death of her mother, Violet Silvermoon get abused by her step dad and bullied at school. When new students start at her school and become her first friends, strange things start to happen. Violet goes through friendship, self discovery and maybe even love. What happens when Violet finds out a huge secret about her friends and that things are not what they seem.


6. Chapter 5: Friends

Violet's POV:

Friends. A simple seven letter word that most people don't think twice about using. They throw the word around at anyone who gives them a smile. Having friends was a foreign concept to me. I have never had one friend in my entire sixteen and a half years of existence.

Having said that you might understand having the two boys who just declared you their new best friend to the entire class, now follow you around like lost puppies, not saying anything is a little unnerving.

Thats right Seth and Micah have been following me around for the last two periods, saying absolutely nothing just content to stand there smiling at me. I was currently sitting in my second period class with one of the twins on either side of me.

They were both staring intently at the side of my head. When I had finally had enough of the two new shadows I'd acquired I swung around to face them. I looked at their smiling faces when a sour thought crossed my head... what if this was all an act. What if Naomi had gotten to them.

I shook my worries away noticing the compassion in their eyes. "So you guys just going to follow me around all day" I asked almost afraid of the answer. Seth nodded his head so I asked another question "are you going to talk to me?" They gave me childlike grins and suddenly I was being bombarded with questions."what's your favorite color?" "Favorite food?" "What music do you like? "Is that your natural hair and eye color?" Before i could answer any of the them a man walked into the class.

The man who I assume was the teacher, was tall with latino coloring and was in his mid-thirties.He passed out a lab safely sheet to get signed by our guardians and went over what we'd be doing this year. He gave us the rest of class to talk so of course the boys wanted me to answer their questions.

"Yay now answer the questions" Micah said in a interested voice. " okay theres no way i'm going to remember all of those questions so just tell you general stuff about me and if you must know more you can ask, deal?" They replied back excitedly "deal" giving me huge ear to ear smiles.

"Okay so...my favorite colors are red, black and green, I like rock music, I love reading and writing songs, I love drawing , and I love animals and just nature in general really, I like cooking and baking, I … um live with my step father, this is my natural coloring , and... yeah that's about it.

They looked really interested so we played twenty questions until class was over. I learned that They're very different. Seth's favorite color is blue, He likes sports, football mostly and would be trying out for the team this year, he works on cars in his free time, and the opposite to my love for cooking, which he hates. He loves eating, he also loves animals and has always wanted a dog.

I found out Micah's favorite color was green, He isn't much into sports but loves running, something I myself used to love before the beatings, His favorite food is anything Italian, He plays video games and works with computers quite a bit and is a big animal person always volunteering in shelters. I was surprised at what I found out. They defiantly have more than their good looks.

We were still asking each other questions when the bell rang and we had to part ways to go to our next class. They both gave me a hug which ended quickly due to me flinching away not use to positive contact. They pulled away hurt evident on their faces. I gave the a wide smile to ease their worries and rushed off to my next class not wanting to be late.

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