A Diamond in the Rough

After the death of her mother, Violet Silvermoon get abused by her step dad and bullied at school. When new students start at her school and become her first friends, strange things start to happen. Violet goes through friendship, self discovery and maybe even love. What happens when Violet finds out a huge secret about her friends and that things are not what they seem.


4. Chapter 3: New Faces

Violet's POV:

I woke up with a start, tear dripping down my cheeks and my breath coming out in pants. These were the lovely effects that were resulted from my night terrors. I looked around my dark room realizing I was on the floor. I suddenly remembered what had happened the night before and let out a tired sigh. I slowly sat up, pain invading my body, my eyes searched for the clock. The green digital letters read 4:05, a few hours before I had to get up.

I tried standing up but as soon as I put weight on my leg I screamed out in pain and let a few colorful words slip out. After a few moments of waiting for the pain to subside, I tried again with more success. I hobbled out of my room into the dark hallway and then into the bathroom to assess the damage. I flipped on the light wishing that I hadn't looked in the mirror.

I had two black eyes darker than the day before, bruises peppering my face, blood coming out of my misshapen nose, hand prints encircling my neck, and from what I could tell a few broken ribs and a fractured leg. My light hair was matted and stuck to my face and my body was shaking. I decided there was no point in going back to sleep so I turned on the shower and delicately undressed. The warm water hit my back and I felt my muscles relax, I grabbed my clearance bottle of jasmine scented shampoo and started lathering it in my hair.

After I finished my shower I ran a brush through my hair before blow drying it. I looked in the mirror admiring it for a moment. It went down to my waist and was pin straight until three inches from the bottom where it started to curl, It was a light silver at the top and the curled bits were a brilliant gold. People found it odd for me to have this color hair and it only added to the reason for people to bully me. My violet eyes and strange colored hair was apparently due to a birth defect and everyone was either scared by it or thought it was weird, but I loved it.

I shook my head and pulled my towel closer to my body before going back to my room. I limped over to my dresser pulling out a pair of worn skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie, along with some undergarments. After dressing I turned my attention back to my face grimacing at the sight. I took out my makeup, the only the my stepfather ever bought me, and started work the pale foundation into my skin. I hated wearing makeup because my skin was clear and had no blemishes before the beatings started. I sighed realizing the bruises were to dark to be cover up and just settled for pulling the large hood over my head hiding my face from view. I then wrapped my leg and cleaned the rest of my cuts. I then grabbed my book bag, slipping on my shoes on the way out of my room.

After I made Franco breakfast and stuck it in the microwave, I dug through the cupboards looking for something to eat, I couldn't find anything, so I walked out of the house with my stomach grumbling, it had been four days since I had last eaten and no I'm not anorexic, my so called father won't let me eat because I'm too "fat". I pulled out my cheap music player and put it on shuffle turning the volume up loud.

When I reached the school gates everyone was whispering and it wasn't about me. It was about the four expensive cars that were parked at the front of the school. Not sparing another glance I limped through the crowd of people, heading for the door. I continued to my locker and put in the combination shoving in all the books I didn't need, fishing around in my book bag for the schedule that I got yesterday I skimmed over it not remembering my classes from yesterday.

Homeroom: Mrs. Adams

English: Mrs. Stone

Science: Mr. Rodriguez

Social Studies: Mr. Tucker


Language: Mrs. Nelson

Music: Mr. Scott

Gym: Coach Belton

Math: Mr. Anderson

Pretty boring schedule but I'm not complaining last year I had double maths...yuck. I grabbed my books for the morning closed my locker and headed off to homeroom. I walked into the empty class room and grabbed a seat in the back closest to the window.

I put in my headphones and started drawing in a notebook. Ten minutes passed and students came flooding into the classroom chatting noisily. I closed my notebook and took out my headphones not wanting to get them taken away.

A few minuets later a short plump looking women with graying hair came walking into the class room followed by two twin boys. She stopped at the front of the classroom, clearing her throat. Soon the chatter quieted and she introduced the two boys, " Class this is Seth and Micah (Mi-ky-ah) Williams please be nice and help them throughout the day, do you understand?" "yes" everyone mumbled back.

I gave them a once over realizing how good looking they were. They both stood around 6'2, towering over my 5'4. They both had tan skin with light brown hair and green eyes, but while Seth's were a light grass green his brothers were a dark forest green. As if feeling my stare both their heads snapped up, their eyes locking onto mine. They both lifted their heads seemingly sniffing the air?

Their eyes stayed locked on me as I shrunk down in my seat, pulling my hood closer to my face. The teacher soon spoke up again saying, "boys why don't you take a seat next to... Ms. Silvermoon. Violet, dear raise your hand." I timidly raised my hand not taking my eyes off the floor.

I heard one of them slide into the seat in front of me and the other into the one next to me. I felt their eyes still trained on me, so I gathered up my courage and looked up.

As I assumed both of them were staring at me curiously. They gave me a swoon worthy smirk, but I kept my face blank. The smirks didn't falter as Seth reached out his hand and introduced himself and his brother " I'm Seth and thats Micah" he said, his smirk transforming into a heartwarming smile.

I couldn't help but take his hand and give a small smile of my own, "I'm Violet". "Thats a beautiful name" Micah said speaking up for the first time. I gave a small " thank you" but then heard" why are you guys talking to that loser" from someone in the class.

I looked down expecting them to go talk to someone else, but instead they looked mad " because she's our friend and if we find any of you giving her trouble you'll have us to deal with" I looked up And let out a small gasp, their eyes held brotherly love and protectiveness, this was something I have never experienced before. Something that brought me close to tears.

I could feel that from this moment things were going to change, but I wasn't sure if it was for the best … or for the worst.

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