A Diamond in the Rough

After the death of her mother, Violet Silvermoon get abused by her step dad and bullied at school. When new students start at her school and become her first friends, strange things start to happen. Violet goes through friendship, self discovery and maybe even love. What happens when Violet finds out a huge secret about her friends and that things are not what they seem.


15. Chapter 14: Far Away

Violet's POV:

A week has passed since I had showed my friends what happened and a few days since I've been to school. I went back the next day and was bombarded with questions and annoyed looks coming from my friends.

They have been asking me what happened non stop so I stopped going three days ago. That didn't stop them though. They followed me home and knocked on my door for an hour. I'm just glad my father wasn't home. I would've got beaten twice as bad if he found out. I felt as if I was far away from reality with my father and was creating my own with my friends.

All day today I've been lounging in bed to tired and sore to do anything. I decided that today was far to unproductive so I got up and slowly got dressed trying not to irritate the cuts along my stomach. I walked downstairs and ate lunch before going out the back door for a walk in the woods.

The woods behind my house was dark and scary but over the years has become my safe haven. It was dense and had many animals and weird plants throughout it. I went to my favorite place that was ten minuets from my house.

My place was a small clearing that was filled with colorful wildflowers and was near a small waterfall that flowed into a lake. Behind the waterfall a secret cave that was currently unoccupied by any animals.

Once I got there a smile immediately graced my face as my nose took in the sweet smell of the wildflowers, their vibrant colors picking my mood up. I sat down against a huge tree that looked centuries old and then closed my eyes taking in the aurora of the magical place.

I opened my eyes and then walked over to the lake slipping off my shoes and socks dipping my feet in the clear water. The water was cold and there were little fishes swimming around my feet.

Here is where I was most comfortable. The whole place seemed to calm my soul and take any nagging thoughts out of my head.

After a few hours of lying in the sun and thinking I got up and started heading back to my house. My father was suppose to be out for the day so I wasn't worried about him getting mad about me being gone.

I got to my house and found my father sitting on the rusted swing looking terrifyingly mad. He had a bottle of liquor in his right hand and steam was practically coming from his ears. his fists were clenched and his whole body was shaking.

His reddening face was chilling,his lips pulled into a snarl teeth held tightly together.

He didn't speak or look me directly in the eye. He seemed to be in a daze not knowing who I was. I was about to talk when he pulled back his fist and smashed it straight into my nose.

A loud crunch echoed through the silence of the yard, but before I could react to the extreme pain,he started pounding his fists into my legs and sides then moving to my face seeming to aim for the parts that would bruise the most. He beat me for hours and then stomped to the car leaving me oozing blood on the grass. I laid there for hours wishing for the excruciating pain to stop.

Just as I was about to hive in and sleep I heard voices screaming my name jolting my from my daze.

"Violet!... Viiiiiooolllettt!" Frantic voices yelled. I looked around failing miserably when pain encased my body.

I faintly heard footsteps coming toward me and the last thing I saw before I blacked out was a strip of rainbow hair.





I woke up with a jolt all the pain was gone and I felt like I was floating. I felt happy and light. "Am I dead" I thought hopefully. I made a promise a while ago that no matter how bad it got I wouldn't hurt myself... but that didn't mean I would be sad if I were dead.

I opened my eyes but quickly closed them when they were met with a bright light. I tried again and my eyes adjusted faster this time. I looked down and saw I was sitting on clouds. I looked around to find a beautiful garden. There were many colorful flowers surrounding it and a small waterfall that fell into the clouds. there was a small wooden bench made out of spiraling branches. I walked over to it and sat down. I suddenly remember the light and looked over to where it was.

In it's place was the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. She was tall standing at almost 7' feet and had curves any girl would kill for. Her hair was a long ice blonde that was very close to white, her skin was pale but had a healthy flush. Her eyes were very strange yet somehow breath taking adding to her appearance. They were each different color the right one a silver blue and the left one grass green, they both had rainbow flecks and were wide surrounded by thick lashes. The other parts of her face were equally perfect, a small straight nose and full lips that were in a wide smile showing her perfect white teeth.

I felt compelled to smile back so I gave her my widest smile wanting to please her. She gave a light musical laugh and I suddenly felt self conscience and looked down at my hands sitting in my lap. I saw her coming toward me her white/blue dress flowing behind her as she walked. She sat down next to me taking my hand in her own using the other to lift my chin. She gave me a smile seeming to look me over.

"My daughter, you are so beautiful, don't doubt that." She said in her musical voice, her tone was motherly and I was confused as to why she called me her daughter.

"Who are you?" I asked in a timid voice.

"My name is Luna, I am the moon spirit"she spoke softly and slowly as if she were talking to a child.

My mind new this was crazy but my entire bring knew she wouldn't lie, that I could trust her.

"I trust you" I said speaking my thoughts. She smiled sadly and then said " I'm sorry for what your father does but it was necessary so that you would be strong."

"What do you mean necessary? Did you put me with that man?"

"No but I didn't help you. I couldn't" She spoke franticly as if trying to get me to understand. I knew I couldn't blame her but I was still upset.

"It will get better, my daughter. I promise." She said with no contradiction.

I've been telling myself that for years and you know what it doesn't and why do you keep calling me that, I'm not your daughter?"

Tears leaked from my eyes and before I knew slender arms wrapped around my boney frame giving me permission to keep crying. We stayed like that for several minutes after I calmed down. She had a warm motherly aurora that completely engulfed me effectively calming me down.

She eventually pulled away and looked into my hollow eyes before drying them.

"I will get better" she said with determination and you are my daughter my blood runs through your veins stronger than the others. You will see clearly on your birthday, but for now I sadly have to let you go. Your friends are getting worried. She kissed my forehead and then left in a wave of light.

I sat there for a minute and then closed my eyes. The peacefulness of the garden disappeared and the pain returned. I woke up to the faces of my friends worried faces. I couldn't remember what happened at my house but I have a strong memory of the garden and Luna. "

"That was only a dream right?"

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