A Diamond in the Rough

After the death of her mother, Violet Silvermoon get abused by her step dad and bullied at school. When new students start at her school and become her first friends, strange things start to happen. Violet goes through friendship, self discovery and maybe even love. What happens when Violet finds out a huge secret about her friends and that things are not what they seem.


11. Chapter 10: Silent Nights

Violet's POV:

It's been four days days since I came back to school and almost a week since I have seen my stepfather. It's almost worst not knowing when he's going to be coming back, than if he came back in two days like he normally does.

I have been stressing myself out with wondering where he is and why he's not back yet. Is he planning something horrible for me, is he dead or is he just in a drunken slur not being able to tell right from down.

Now don't get me wrong, I love him not being here. My skin is clear from any bruises and all previous injuries just seem like a bad dream. I look happy and healthy and even though I don't think this is going to last, I can still hope.

My friends and I have been getting along great becoming close like family. The scare away the bullies at school, make sure I'm eating at lunch and take care of me making sure I'm happy. They became like my substitute family for the one I never really had.

After my mum died all the love I had received from her and even Franco disappeared turning into hate. I guess i'll tell you what happened, my story.

My dad died, car accident, before I was even six months in the womb. My mum wanting to be the best mom she could kept me ignoring the pressure from her parents, who were telling her to put me up for adoption. She managed for three years on her own before meeting Franco.

They fell in love and overtime he accepted me as his own. They soon got married giving me a loving father and my mother a powerful doctor husband who could fill the emptiness of her broken heart.

Everything was normal. Franco was a loving, kindhearted man who loved me and my mother equally. I was a daddy's girl always spending time with him doing father daughter things from teaching me sports to him suffering through the girly cartoons that I forced him to watch and even a tea party here and there.

He continued to be the perfect father through the years and we continued to stay close even through my impending teenage years. We sat on the couch hoarding ice cream, his arm around my shoulder while I cried about petty pre-teen things.

That all stopped when I was twelve and a half. During late July of my ninth grade year my mother,Lily was shot and killed on her way home from the store. She was out late getting medicine for me, I had come down with a bad fever that wouldn't break.

As she was heading to her car to armed men had shot her and taken anything of value that she had. My mother was a kind, gentle women who didn't believe in violence. She was always helping the community and everyone loved her.

I had the cool mom and all of my friends loved coming over to gossip and share the latest fashion trends with her. Everyone was shocked wondering how something so awful could happen to such a sweet women, especially with her pacifistic values.

I became depressed after my mothers death, I shut out all my friends and started to never leave my room. Her death effected Franco too. He stopped going to work which resulted in him getting fired and he stopped talking to me altogether.

Gone was the loving father and left in his place was the angry shell of the man I once knew. He turned to drinking every once in a while to fill his broken heart.

In November of that year, just a week after my thirteenth birthday (october 31) Franco began drinking more heavily and with that came the rage that I now know so well.

He hit me for the first time in December for asking if we were getting a tree for Christmas. I wondered what I did, but then it came to me…he blamed me for her death. After all I was the reason she was out that night, I was the one who got sick.

After that it all began to go downhill. The beatings became a regular thing to punish me when I "missed behaved", that soon changed, he started beating me whenever he got mad or just bored. He starved me and beat me until bones were broken and…he liked it. He enjoyed my cries and screams of pain.

I stopped showing emotion about two years ago. I became a numb shell bottling up any emotion not letting myself feel anything. I no longer cry or scream for him to stop when he's beating me. I swore I would stay strong. I stopped talking only speaking if I had to. I shut myself down completely, putting stone walls around my heart.

That all leads up to why I am the way I am…broken. I'm broken beyond repair, I know that, but with my new found friends breaking through the stone walls of my heart I can't help but hope that if they can't fix me, maybe they can duck tape me back together. Maybe they can teach my how to laugh and be happy again. Maybe they can teach me how to love.

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