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1. "good night idiot"

I flopped on my bed only to be interrupted by my phone buzzing and flashing. I grabbed and checked who it was before I answered it. Tyler. I slid the "answer" bouton and put it up to my ear. "Hellooo" I said. "Hey beautiful" he said. I could practically see his smile through the phone. "What you doing babe?" He continued. "We'll I was about to go to bed but someone decide to call me" "oh. We'll can I come cuddle with you?" He asked. "Oh gosh. I wish. Ugh I miss you tyler." I said. 3weeks. 3 long weeks without him was killing me. The thought of him coming over and cuddling killed me. Tears filled my eyes. "Hello" he asked after a while of no talking. "Mhmm" I said my voice breaking. It took him a while to respond. I heard him sniffle. "Babe you know I hate it when you cry." He said. "What do you want me to do tyler?" I said cuddling up to my pillow. "We'll it's kinda cold outside so you could let me in." Was he serious?! "Tyler stop playing" I said. "Fine I'll let myself in" he said. I heard a door open through the phone as the same time the sound of my front door opened. I dropped my phone and flew off my bed face planting the floor only to get up off my ass and grab my door and unlock it. Nearly off the ground I saw him standing there. Tears filled my eyes more as a smile spread across his face. "Hey idiot." He said. I ran up to him and embraced him in a hug. He was cold and I could feel the snow melting off of him. He lifted me up off the ground I grabbed around his neck. Holding onto the back of his head rubbing my hands through his hair. "I've missed you so much" I said. We looked back from each other and I pecked his lips. He carried me back to my room and set me on my bed. He took off his jacket and shirt and came to the bed with me. He snuggled up to me. It's funny how much we could do, or talk about seeing as was havnt seen each other in 3weeks but that's all I wanted to do was fall asleep in his arms. I put my head right under his neck. He places a kiss on my forehead. "Good night idiot" he said. I smiled. "Goodnight."

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