My magcon boy

I was about to open the door when Hayes turned me around and kissed me. This sounds so clique but I felt fireworks everywhere. We were kissing until we heard someone clear there throat. I broke the kiss and look up to see an angry looking Cameron. Well shit, I'm screwed. Wait no Hayes is.

Hayes Grier fanfic!
(This fanfic may contain cursing)


20. Nick💕

Jennis prov:

I stood there I'm shock. The guy I knew practically my whole life kissing some slut. The one who holds my heart destroyed it. I watched as they finally parted smiling. Tears are now flowing like a river down my cheeks. Hayes turns around and sees me. His face was full of shock like he was surprised to see me. "Jenni!" He calls to me. But it's too little too late. I'm already running for the exit. I run out of the mall and into the parking lot.

I run across the street to a bus stop bench and it down pouring tears. I let them all slip down my face weezing as I can barly breath from all the tears. "Hey you ok." I hear someone say. I look up up see nick. Wow he looks... Attractive. (If you don't remember nick. He was the one who dared Hayes to kiss her years before.) "N-Nick?" "Oh my god Jennifer! I haven't seen you since 3rd grade! What's wrong?" "Ya hi. And um. Me and Hayes were kind of going out and I saw him making out with a blonde chic. Then after he smiled at her. I'm such an idiot to think he ever liked me." "Jenni. Your not an idiot. He's the idiot to let someone so beautiful go."he said sitting down next to me while I giggled a bit. "Thank you." I say sniffling "No problem." He said. Then one thing lead to another and the next thing I know his lips are on mine and sparks were flying.

Hi guys. I updated to days in a row because I felt bad that I haven't updated in a while so here you go! Comment if you ship Jayes or Jick (I need to change that later😂) anyway stay fabouloussss!

-panda luver ;)

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