My magcon boy

I was about to open the door when Hayes turned me around and kissed me. This sounds so clique but I felt fireworks everywhere. We were kissing until we heard someone clear there throat. I broke the kiss and look up to see an angry looking Cameron. Well shit, I'm screwed. Wait no Hayes is.

Hayes Grier fanfic!
(This fanfic may contain cursing)


19. heart breaker

Jennis prov:


I groan and reach out my arms to find my phone on my night stand. I got a text from Hayes.

Morning beautiful ;) I made breakfast if you want some come down stairs. Sorry if I woke you.

-Poo Bear

Aww. He's so sweet. I go down stairs and see cam and Hayes talking. They haven't seen me yet so I decided to stay put and listen. "Hayes look, I'm sorry about yesterday but she's my little sister and I need to watch out for her." "It's ok. I get it. But it's not like it was her first kiss or anything. I mean one time-" "hey guys!" I say walking in the kitchen. I really don't want cam to know abt my real first kiss years ago. "Oh hey Jenni. Do you maybe wanna go to the mall today?" Hayes asks as cams starring at his waffle. "Um sure." "Great be ready in an hour." "Ok." With that a grabbed a waffle and headed upstairs. I took a shower and picked out the clothes I'm gonna wear. Light washed high wasted shorts and a superman shirt with a black bandoo underneath since it came down low. I did my make up and put on my black converse. I still have 25 minutes left so I might as well straighten my hair. Once I was done my hair was pin straight and let me say it doesn't look bad. I grabbed my money and my phone and went downstairs.

Once I was down stairs I saw cam watching Sofia the first. Oh god. "Hey cam wears hayes?" "He's in my room he should be out soon." "Speaking of out soon you should really go out and get a girlfriend." "Eh. I'd rather watch Disney junior." "Suit yourself." With that Hayes walked wearing a obey shirt kakis (sorry if I spelt that wrong) and a SnapBack which I took off his head and put on mine. "Ready?" "Yep. Hey cam can u give us a ride?" "But I'm watching something." "Cam pweaseeeeee!" I say ruffling his hair. "Fine just don't touch the hair." "Yayyy!"

-skip car ride-

Once we got there it was awesome. Ya Hayes got noticed right away. We barely made it through the door. Every shop we went in a girl would notice him. No a mob of girls would notice him. It started to get really annoying so I just left and texted him I was in Hollister if he needed me. No my exact words were.

Hi Hayes. Text me when you finally realize I'm here too. I'll be in Hollister if you need me. You most likely won't.😒


I walk in and got two shirts, a sun dress, and high wasted shorts. Once I was done I started getting hungry.

I went to the food court and saw something I didn't want to see. Some blonde chic kissing Hayes. Wearing underwear and a bra as clothes. (Not literally but ya know) the worst part is. He's kissing back. I just got my heart broken by Hayes Benjerman Grier.

Hey guys! So things are about to get really spicy! Sorry I haven't updated in foreverrrrr.

-panda luver ;)

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