My magcon boy

I was about to open the door when Hayes turned me around and kissed me. This sounds so clique but I felt fireworks everywhere. We were kissing until we heard someone clear there throat. I broke the kiss and look up to see an angry looking Cameron. Well shit, I'm screwed. Wait no Hayes is.

Hayes Grier fanfic!
(This fanfic may contain cursing)


21. don't know what to call this chapter😂

Jennis prov:

the next thing I know his lips are on mine and sparks were flying.

Once we pulled away I look right into his sparkling green eyes. "Wow." He says looking Into my eyes. I giggle as my cheeks turn a shade of pink. "I know I know I'm a fabulous kisser." "Ya you are." I giggle again. "You know I've wanted to do that since 3rd grade. It's just Hayes got to you first and I knew you guys would end up together so I just let it go. But when I started to talk to you again I couldn't help it but kiss you because my feelings after all these years are still there. What I'm trying to say is... Jenni will you go out with me?" He is the sweetest guy ever! "That was sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me of course I'll go out with you!" I say as I peak his cheek. "Ok I'll um pick you up at 6. Same address right?" "Rightio." Did I just say rightio? Oh my god. what the hell is wrong with me. "He laughed and kissed me cheek letting it linger there for a second. "I'll see you at 6." "Ok." And with that he walked away.

I waited for the next bus and it took me home. When I got home I saw cam and Nash on the couch. Thank god hayes isn't home. Might as we'll take this time to throw his things down the stairs and out of my room. (I threw your stuff into a bag and push it down the stairs. Had to😉)

I quietly go upstairs unoticed and put all his stuff in his suitcase. Then I shoved it down the stairs making his stuff go every where. "I'm guessing your date with Hayes went well." Nash said laughing. "Hahaha. Yaaaaa lets just say I never want to See that fricken asshole ever again." I said smiling. "Ok what did he do?" "Oh I'm sure he'll tell you about his little slut he decided to suck face with. It's ok tho cause I've already moved on in fact... I have a date in 2 hours so I better get ready." By this time cam was steaming. "HE CHEATED ON YOU! ILL BE RIGHT BACK IM FINALLY GONNA BE ABLE TO TRY OUT MY GOLF CLUBS." He yelled. "Cam it's ok. I've already got a date with a guy that helped me through the whole Hayes thing. He's really sweet I think you'll like him." "Fine but when Hayes walks in this house don't be shocked when I scream at him." "Ok. I'm fine with that. I'm gonna get ready for my date." I say smiling remembering the things nick said.

I ran upstairs and took a shower. After my shower I put on my new sun dress from Hollister. It's a white sundress with a laced top and slightly puffed out bottom with brown belt in the middle. I decided to call Emma again to do my hair and make up.

J- heyyyyy can you come over and do my hair and make up again? Pweaseeeee?

E- is Nash there?

J- ya?

E- I'll be there in 5.

I laughed and waited. I knew she was hear once I heard "EMMAS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! WHY ARE THERE CLOTHES ON THE STAIRS?" "I walked down stairs and hugged Emma. " hey em. It's a long story I'll tell you while you fix this." I say pointing to my hair. "ok but um. Where's Nash?" She asks as Nash sneaks behind her. "Right her babe." Nash says wrapping his arms around her wasted put his chin on her shoulder. "Babe? Did I miss something?" I say confused. "Me and Nash are going out." She says smiling and Nash smiling with her. "WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?!" I yell slapping her arms. "Sorrrrry. And ow."she said and Nash rubbed where I hit her. "Aw babeee." They were about to kiss when I pulled her away. "Sorry Nash she can kiss u later she's got work to do right now." "Okayyyyy. See you later babe." Nash said winking at her. "Ya ya see ya later let's go!" I say pulling her in my room. Once were in my room she turns on my straighter and takes my make up out. " soooo you and Hayes going on a date?" "Wellllllll...." I then explain to her about the blonde chic and about nick.

"First Hayes is an ass hole. Second you and nick are adorable!"

"Thanks." After Emma did my hair which was straightened with a laced bow in the back she started my make up.

Half way through we heard yelling which means Hayes is home. "What is that?" Emma asks. "My protective brother yelling at Hayes until his head blows up. Which I would love to see by the way." She laughs with me and finishes my make up. Once she was done I looked pretty. Like really pretty. I decided to wear my glasses for the first time because contacts are too much of a hassle. I put on a charm bracelet and a necklace with a lock on it. I slipped on sandals that matches my belt on my dress and exit my room.

I walk down stairs and see Hayes collecting his stuff off the stairs and cam pouring a glass of Apple juice. Once Hayes caught sight of me his jaw dropped. "J-jenni you look..." "Save it Hayes I don't look like this for you I'm going on a date."

Hayes prov:

Once she said that my heart broke. I know I must of broke her heart but that girl was my ex girl friend and when I saw her I got caught up in the moment. Right when I saw Jennifer I knew I was an idiot. I got a ride home from my old friend zac and he dropped me off. Of course when I got here cam yelled at me. I knew I deserved it so I didn't talk back and we'll now I'm here.

Dinggggg donggggg.

"That's my date." Jenni said skipping to the door. Once she opened the door I couldn't believe who I saw. Nick. The biggest douche bag in the country. The player. The guy known as 'Hit and run.' If you know what I mean. I just put Jennifer in the hands of a player.

This took me foreverrrrrrrrrrr to write but here ya go! Tell me whatcha think!

-panda luver ;)

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