My magcon boy

I was about to open the door when Hayes turned me around and kissed me. This sounds so clique but I felt fireworks everywhere. We were kissing until we heard someone clear there throat. I broke the kiss and look up to see an angry looking Cameron. Well shit, I'm screwed. Wait no Hayes is.

Hayes Grier fanfic!
(This fanfic may contain cursing)


2. chapter one (seeing him again)

Jenni prov:

I woke up to my mother shaking me.

"Sweety it's time to get up the boys will be here at 12." I groaned and rolled out of bed. "What time is it now?" "Um... 11:30." My eyes shot open. "WHAT WHY DIDNT YOU WAKE ME EARLIER?!" I got up and ran to my closet. My mom put her hands up in defense and left.

I have nothing to wear. Blue sundress? Nah to fancy. Flowery leggings? Nah to comfy. Ah ha. Perfect. My black high wasted shirts with my white baggy t shirt that says lmfao. I took my clothes to my bathroom and placed them on my bathroom top. I started the shower and got in. I did my showery stuff shaved, washed my body and hair, the usual. Oh my god I forgot my under wear.

I wrapped the towel around my body and walked out if my bathroom into my closet. I got my stuff and started to walk to my bathroom when I thought I saw something in my bed. I turn around and oh shit. Hayes is sitting there. With his mouth open. "Hey Hayes not to be rude or anything but why the f**k are you in here?" "Oh um well we came 15 minutes early and Nash and cam kicked my out of cams room and said I could stay here. They said you probably went out so I stayed in here but if I knew you were in the shower I would've stayed in the kitchen." He said getting up. "Well at least I'm in a towel. You can stay here I'm almost done just please don't go through my stuff." "Why you have some secret diary somewhere that you don't want me to find?" He asked with a smirk. "No I just want to save you from disgust when you find packs of pads in my cabinets." "Fine I won't go through your stuff." "Good." I smiled at him and walked into the bathroom. It's a good thing he's my best friend and not another one of the guys. that would have been a lot more awkward. Even though I do like him were still just friends so I'm not that embarrassed. I got dressed, blow dried my hair (my hair is long, light brown with Amber tips and is pin straight.) , and put on my makeup which was all my foundation products, lipgloss, and some eye liner. I put on my contacts so I don't have to wear my geeky square glasses.

I walked into my room and Hayes was standing there with... My diary? Oh shit. "What are you doing?" I walked up to him and snatched the book out of his hands. "Oh come on I was about to find out who your crush is." Thank god. He didn't find out.

"Well that's to bad. Now come on we need to catch up so we are going to the park." "Do I have to?" I raised my eye brows at him. "Kidding." He said raising his hands up in defense. I smiled and I walked out of my room him following. This day is going to be great. Just me and best friend.

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